19:15 15/03/2018 Re: Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2 &...
https://www.share.com/vodafoneverizonimpact/what-is-a-form-w-8ben I have done a signed and sent back one and a digital signature one , it depends on the broker. It just asked a few questions like are you a US citizen or duel citizen or none US .and asked your country of residence . You would remember filling it in.But it's quite easy to do.
17:26 15/03/2018 Re: Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2 &...
Yes but if you fill in the W8 BEN form with your broker it could be less.
14:44 15/03/2018 Re: Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2 &...
Yes, checking up, you are quite right. I had thought I was paying 30% tax on US dividends in my ISA, but it does look more like 15%! It means my modest holding of Apple shares will be yielding 1.2% after tax, not the 1% I had thought! p-h
17:05 14/03/2018 Re: Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2 &...
Just checking up on the Apple dividend, I reckon I had 15% tax deducted which corresponds to US withholding tax.
16:54 14/03/2018 Re: Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2 &...
You need to fill out a W8BEN form with your Isa provider to get a lower tax on USA dividends. I've just renewed mine. I've owned shares in apple since shortly after Tim Cook took over as Ceo,at the time the media we're having a field day on how bad Tim Cook was going to be and I listened to him speak a few times and liked what he said,he had spent a long time working with Steve Jobs and seemed very capable of running Apple.And he has done a very good job here at adding value and bringing some very good products out. And the subscription based stuff seems to be the new way in which he is working on.Along with new product development.
16:38 14/03/2018 Re: Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2 &...
Yes Polly, that might explain why I got a rather miniscule dividend from Apple recently! I haven't really worried too much about dividends, but I did complete an online form which I understood at least helped with the tax situation. Reference AMAZONingly (!), I bought some of these at the same time and they have added about 30%. I plan to buy some more because at the moment it's hard to see where the plateau is going to be; they have a very energetic growth plan with healthcare being a recent example of what they are getting into.
15:31 14/03/2018 Re: Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2 &...
I hope you enjoy your bite of the Apple! Netflix have performed AMAZONingly, I wish I had bought in earlier and caught more of the gains (same for AMAZON!). It's great to have US shares in your ISA, but as I understand it there is a 30% tax on dividends which doesn't matter too much for Apple, but is a real consideration for mature companies like McDonald's or Verizon. p-h
14:26 14/03/2018 Re: Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2 &...
I agree with much of what you guys are saying. My reasons for taking my first small bite of the Apple: 1. The iPhone X is easily my best iPhone so far. It is rumoured to be the basis of a further three models to be released this year. 2. The repatriation of the cash pile following Trump's tax reform. 3. The possibility of Apple buying Netflix and becoming a proper media company as well. (I also bought some NFLX partly for the same reason - just as well as so far AAPL haven't moved much while NFLX are up 60%!) 4. Just the fact that I found I could buy US shares within my ISA. 5. It's kinda cool being part of the Apple story. Other stories are also available!
15:35 13/03/2018 Re: Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2 &3!
https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/12/apple-buys-texture-app--heres-what-it-is.html I think folks are just realizing the potential that the Apple cash pile can buy. Just bolted on magazine subscription app, already have music subscription, this is more than just a phone company. If they keep doing this subscription can be a massive part of the income.
14:14 13/03/2018 Reasons to be cheerful, parts 1, 2 &3!
1 - in the short-term, there is tremendous pressure and expectation that Apple will become the first trillion dollar company, which may be partly driving buying. 2 - there is some technical analysis to suggest Apple will break to to the upside. 3 - for a US "tech/growth" company it has quite a generous yield, which will increase over time with share buy backs and increase of the dividends over time: these will protect it from a large and sustained fall. I'm glad to have bought in a 156 in the recent dip, but also couldn't resist buying again at 180. If I'm wrong, please come back and remind me - it would be good to get a bit of discussion going on this! p-h
22:26 02/02/2018 Re: Results time again!
The trouble is it does get traded a lot,shorters could keep this going down a bit more as Apple won't have results this good for another year. Bringing cash home and what they do with it could drive this higher. It wouldn't surprise me if Apple starts paying a good dividend,as compensation for slightly lower growth.
21:50 02/02/2018 Re: Results time again!
Apple still looks like a good medium to long-term buy. The correction tonight might continue to drag it a bit lower on market sentiment, but I would buy at 160
9:13 02/02/2018 Results
22:25 17/01/2018 Trump
It?s hard to knock Trump on this decision as an Apple investor!!! https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/17/technology/apple-tax-bill-repatriate-cash.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur
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