15:13 07/03/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Thanks BB. No not in a SIPP but the hoop jumping to reclaim relative small sums falls into the, can I really be bothered' pile - obviously the response foreign treasuries are hoping for. If international treaties are in place surely the whole process could be a lot simpler (online?) but, as I say, there is no incentive for the powers that be to make it so.
12:31 07/03/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Moreinhope So long as your shares aren't in a SIPP, it should be straighforward enough. If you're holding them in a SIPP, then you're pretty much knackered though, because you can't claim the tax back yourself, that'd have to be done by the SIPP administrator, and they are very unlikely to do that for you BB
6:28 07/03/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
See Boring Bernie post Wed 18.39 below - my application went in yesterday - fingers crossed but I have no idea how long it takes etc.
15:30 06/03/2017 Withholding Tax
Anybody had any luck in reclaiming (part of) the German tax paid on the Tui dividends? Any insight would be gratefully received.
9:44 06/03/2017 Re: dividend payment
Divvent From memory, I think it took something like six or seven weeks to get the money.
8:59 05/03/2017 Re: dividend payment
BB, That is one of the most helpful posts I've ever seen on iii. I've downloaded and completed the forms and am in receipt of a dividend confirmation from HL so that will all be in the post tomorrow. As you have some experience in this can you tell me roughly how long it will take to get the tax back? Again many thanks.
17:39 01/03/2017 Re: dividend payment
SDS06 The difference is down to the German withholding tax which is roughly 25%. You can reclaim that tax, but it's a bit of a pain to do so If you like filling out paperwork, and are prepared to get your broker to sign something to say you're entitled to reclaim the withholding tax, then there's more info and forms at http://www.bzst.de/EN/Steuern_International/Kapitalertragsteuerentlastung/Auslaendische_Antragsteller/Auslaendische_Antragsteller_node.html BB
17:10 01/03/2017 Re: dividend payment
Received it finally but there is a difference of 14 pence. It says 53 pence per share but paid @ of 39 pence a share.
10:24 01/03/2017 Re: dividend payment
OK mine is in today
8:05 01/03/2017 Re: dividend payment
Mine got paid yesterday
18:40 28/02/2017 Re: dividend payment
I'm with HL and queried this on the 17th. I was told that was the wrong payment date and it was in fact today the 28th but nothing received. Will look again tomorrow.
18:26 28/02/2017 Re: dividend payment
Called them last week on 20th Feb and they said it will get cleared within 10 days but possibly quicker. Spoke with them today as they don't care to respond to their account holders. According to them they didn't receive any money from TUI but might be receiving something today 28th Feb 2017 and Dividend Payment can take 10 days to clear.
18:44 25/02/2017 dividend payment
Has anybody received his dividend with your broker? Payment date was 17th Feb.
9:19 14/02/2017 Q1 Figures
These aren't really a massive surprise, with turnover up ~8.5% and the guidance of 10%+ for underlying EBITA restated and the price agreed for Travelopedia looks sensible. Everything still looks pretty positive, but, despite that, I sold ~25% of my holding this morning at a gnats whisker over #12.10 and will probably be looking for something with a bit more growth and a divi that isn't quite so complicated to fully receive, but would probably top back up on any weakness. I think they go ex-divi tomorrow, so would expect a corresponding drop in the range of 50 to 55p BB
10:58 31/01/2017 Re: Panorama effect
The inquest's under way now. Those who died can't be brought back, but hopefully lessons will be learned by both the foreign office and TUI ( and the industry in general ). It seems heartless to even discuss it, but, to a certain extent, the industry can only do so much. A step in the right direction would be for the likes of TUI to at least provide links to the official FCO site before a booking was taken, so then people would be making an informed choice as to whether to travel or not. BB