11:11 17/07/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Philkes The honest answer is I don't know, but, looking at the form, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to claim for multiple years on one form BB
14:44 15/07/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Boring Bernie thanks. Do you know if you can claim last 2 tax years on one form or do you have to do a separate form for each year?
12:57 15/07/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Philkes One thing that's worth doing, and might save you a bit of time in getting the paperwork accepted at the German end is to get a "Certificate of Residence" from HMRC. All you have to do is fill in the online application at http://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-a-certificate-of-residence-in-the-uk and HMRC will then carry out whatever checks they need to do before issuing the certificate. also, when I was going through the process last year, I had a look online and there are a few companies who will do the legwork for you. If you've got a substantial number of shares and are struggling to get it sorted yourself, then it might be worthwhile using one of them. Their charges put me off though, they took a % and had minimum charges which meant it wasn't worthwhile doing for me. I ended up getting back #100 to #150 back, and I think some of the quotes I got back meant they'd have taken at least #50 of that, so, being a tight git, I did it myself ! BB
12:08 15/07/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
As expected TD Direct as an execution only broker can offer no advice on this matter but would be happy to sign any forms or confirm transactions if required. So next step is to complete the form attached within this thread & see where that gets me.
17:54 14/07/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Well HMRC have come back to me and surprise surprise they say my broker needs to contact them direct???? Doesn't seem right to me & I doubt whether TD would be bothered in contacting HMRC on my behalf (but I will copy them in on HMRC response). Think I may just look at the form posted on here.
9:23 13/07/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Thanks that's really helpful. Just waiting for HMRC to come back to me-I may re-post when completing the form if that's ok?
21:28 12/07/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Philkes Your broker isn't involved very much really We're abroad at the moment, so I can't check exactly what I had to do, but I think it was pretty much as follows :- 1. Go to :- http://www.bzst.de/EN/Steuern_International/Kapitalertragsteuerentlastung/Auslaendische_Antragsteller/Formulare/KapSt_Ausl_Formulare_node.html and find the relevant form for claiming back withholding tax on income ( don't panic, there's an English version ). 2. Get some proof that you were paid the dividends with the tax withheld. This can be as simple as the consolidate / composite divi certificate you got from TD. I know mine shows number of shares, divi rate, withholding tax rate and how much tax was withheld, so the paperwork you've got from TD will almost certainly have the same info on it. 3. Fill out the form. 4. Off-hand I can't remember exactly what happens then, but the form needs signing by yourself AND the UK Tax Authority - which is where HMRC comes in because they need to say you were resident in the UK for tax purposes when the divi was paid.I can't remember exactly who I contacted to get the done though, so you'll probably have to ping a question to them on their website 5. Send the completed paperwork, along with any supporting info off to the address in Germany in the form. If you've done everything right, then they'll credit your bank account directly. It's not difficult, it's just time consuming. My paperwork last year got bounced once, but I contacted the German tax people to find out what I'd done wrong and they were dead helpful. Good luck BB
18:25 12/07/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Thank you 'Boring Bernie'. As I say my broker TD Direct have advised me to contact HMRC first on which I am waiting on a call back. Who did you submit your completed form to? Was it through your broker? My TUI shares are held in a TD Direct Share ISA and I would easily be able to get evidence of the dividend payment through my online ISA account with them.
10:47 12/07/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Philkes I havn't received anything for the latest divi yet, but did so successfully last year. I think claims are only time barred after four years, but I'm not 100% sure of that. When I started the process with my brokers last year, I got the impression that they'd never dealt with this situation before. They'd handled similar stuff for holdings in the States, but claiming withholding tax back from Germany seemed to be totally new to them. All you really need from your broker is something proving you have received the divi from TUI, how many shares the divi was issued against and how much you received. If you've got a composite / consolidate tax certificate from your broker for last FY, then that's a good place to start from. Whether or not it's worth all the effort depends on how much tax has been withheld and how stubborn you are ! To be fair to the German side of the paperwork, they were really helpful, and were a damned sight more useful than either of my brokers ! Good luck BB
9:15 12/07/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Been told by TD I need to contact HMRC to check if I am able to reclaim? So I will but not sure this is just TD farming me off?
10:04 11/07/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Anyone had any success with this and if so how many years can you back? My shares are held in a TD ISA & I have mnessaged them today to find out their process.
17:34 09/06/2017 NEW ARTICLE: UK election: Top post-election trades
" That last night's election results was a shock is not in doubt. Yes, polls showed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's popularity increasing through the campaign, but it was still Theresa May's to lose.Now, with the possible replay of 1974 and another ..." http://www.iii.co.uk/articles/420189/uk-election%3A-top-post-election-trades
22:54 31/05/2017 Sold
I finally sold out all my holding at around what I paid for it. Held since Feb 2015 the return including dividends amounted to just over 2% or 1% pa. There are better places for my money than Tui.
15:13 07/03/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Thanks BB. No not in a SIPP but the hoop jumping to reclaim relative small sums falls into the, can I really be bothered' pile - obviously the response foreign treasuries are hoping for. If international treaties are in place surely the whole process could be a lot simpler (online?) but, as I say, there is no incentive for the powers that be to make it so.
12:31 07/03/2017 Re: Withholding Tax
Moreinhope So long as your shares aren't in a SIPP, it should be straighforward enough. If you're holding them in a SIPP, then you're pretty much knackered though, because you can't claim the tax back yourself, that'd have to be done by the SIPP administrator, and they are very unlikely to do that for you BB