15:31 21/07/2017 muh result
I want results and I want them now! JP you're this and that etc etc you're a con etc Sick of hearing the above. TE-8 was a mixed bag of results and sidi and badile are irrelevant. Nothing has changed and we still either have a huge gas discovery of we do not. If you want short term returns go invest in bitcoin and stop whingeing. Seismic is essential as it tells us, and prospective buyers, where to put the f-ing drill. In a years time (which will fly back) when dril results are in and we hit gas thanks to seismic, the same people will be thanking the team for their foresight and delivery of value. Sell up, go to Vegas and bet on red or black and then use your winnings to buy back in next year. Thanks.
15:27 21/07/2017 SOU Tweet
13:58 21/07/2017 Re: Waffle waffle waffle we need results
BC, GCT, PB. clearly you're on the wrong board. "I want results and I want them NOW" isn't what Exploration is about. Simples. You would be well advised to invest in BP if you want production and divi. Different animal. Potential and past performance (proved reserves and successfyl drills) is why I'm here, can't speak for anyone else. Me buying ? Certainly. Stake building at these prices will reap solid returns. Good luck, (elsewhere!) TP
13:45 21/07/2017 Re: Waffle waffle waffle we need results
Correct Cruncher. E&P can be lengthy - and the problem with these stocks is that a lot of shareholders want big capital gains all too soon and don't have the patience. Look at other AIM stocks - Hurricane for example. They find the oil, stock surges and then what happens? reality of funding & flow rates and SP drops to 29p (glad I sold them at 50p!) I get the impression that today's RNS was pretty comprehensive and details the importance that this area of NW Africa has in terms of gas potential. Seismics are damn good these days. It's the only way to determine where next to drill. Rome days and building etc
10:33 21/07/2017 Re: Waffle waffle waffle we need results
be_cool: "Don't tell us what we know already we need gas flows and get it to production ...... " The gradiometry and seismic operations are designed to pinpoint the most likely hotspots and, in my view, are the sensible way to proceed to ensure that future drills have a higher COS. This should improve Sound's hydrocarbon discoveries and inventory. E&P is a lengthy process.
9:40 21/07/2017 Re: RNS
Exactly monkey, I was just pointing out the latter regarding how the "Value" is in the SP at any given time and that is likely to drift. Long term is different but long term. regards
9:36 21/07/2017 Re: RNS
Based on that premise the whole of Tendrara and Sidi are worthless as neither are generating any cash. DSUDS summed the whole thing up for me in a response to EB (this is not verbatim but something similar): 1) You don't believe there is multiple TCF sitting across the Moroccan License, or you don't believe that the BoD can generate a sale based on the data they are gathering, or you think we can't afford to 'find' the multiple TCF. In which case, over the next 3-4 months you will see nothing but disappointment, a falling share price and unless you are absolutely mental - you should be out of the share. 2) You do believe that there is multiple TCF sitting across the Moroccan License, you believe in the BoD and you believe in their ability to prove up the resource and generate a sale. In which case, accept that the SP is going to bounce about quite a bit whilst the data is been gathered and strap in for the long haul.
9:03 21/07/2017 Re: RNS
How much cash is the extra 8800 sq km generating at the moment? If not a lot then it does not count for much in todays markets I fear. Heh Ho
9:00 21/07/2017 Re: RNS
''unbelievable'' err it clearly says 'prospective' and after Schlum perform their 'reconnaissance' surveys they are under no obligation to keep it or drill on it and can relinquish it all again... just like that... 'prospective' acreage carries diddly squat value to Mr Market... its drill, discover and production that counts and that's a long way off yet... but hey ho... we'll see... doesn't look like there will be a lot of bit turning this year so no rush... B-) PS are your constant BIG BLUE BUY recs an indicator of you also purchasing at that time...? or are you simply trying to tempt others into buying to help prop up your ailing stocks... :-$
8:56 21/07/2017 Re: RNS
Back again after another week of travelling, and nice little RNS to finish. The following from the RNS IMHO makes nice reading: "FTG-aerogradiometry, 600 kilometres of 2D seismic and 150 square kilometres of 3D seismic. These elements of the Anoual exploration permit work commitments will be provided, and funded, by Schlumberger in accordance with the terms of the Schlumberger commitments announced by the Company on 25 April 2017." And from the April RNS: "The extension of the Field Management Agreement will further deepen our strategic relationship with Schlumberger, who share the Company's view of our Eastern Morocco potential and frees up cash to allow us to accelerate our exploration of the region." So lots more information to come, and without using cash. Good weekend all =;
8:52 21/07/2017 Waffle waffle waffle we need results
Don't tell us what we know already we need gas flows and get it to production ...... already I feel this is going stale .... we do not need more land we need to focus on what we have ....
8:44 21/07/2017 Re: RNS
I am with TP on this one. The dilution questions / concerns were raised when the OGIF deal was first announced. Like many, I thought the number of shares issued was a bit of a kick in the teeth for existing holders. But after the initial 'shock' of the numbers I came to the same conclusion as TP. Whilst the number of shares issued is going up, I see no dilution in value. We didn't give the shares away for free, we have increased our acreage significantly and formed a closer relationship with OGIF.
8:17 21/07/2017 Re: RNS
Ahah, but, just look at the added value that SOU has acquired with these shares. Dilution of value ? Nope. Just worth a whole lot more with this added acreage....8800 sq kms of highly prospective ground, and you call it dilution ???? Unbelievable. TP
8:04 21/07/2017 Re: RNS
272 million new shares coming soon which is a 37% dilution of current shareholders stock so just over a billion shares in circulation shortly I agree monkey... its good to know those intricate details... no rush... B-)
7:31 21/07/2017 RNS
Whilst the RNS did not provide a raft of 'new' information, it is great to get this level of detail been pushed from the company. Feels like a bit of a throwback to what news flow was like before TE7. Hoping that the detail will put into perspective the vast scale of the potential of our Moroccan licenses and will settle the nerves of those beginning to question their investment in Sound. I think that this kind of detail has been lost over the past few months and that has contributed to support wavering.