18:40 19/05/2017 CFO Quits with immediate effect
Eh - what - has he been booted out? Is there a financial issue or somat? Games """Engineer Smiths led the fallers after chief financial officer Chris O'Shea stepped down with immediate effect. The company assured that current trading and the outlook remain in line with previous guidance.""""
13:55 19/05/2017 Chuckle Chucked !?
hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm ! certainly not worth 50p !
8:29 24/03/2017 Re: : LKH
Not so sure, zero growth ! I think the markets will react negatively once full analysis of results is concluded (with all the clever accounting re-adjusted). I cannot see many of the Brokers changing their stance from 'hold' to 'buy'
7:54 24/03/2017 Re: Is there a doctor on site !
Ivorjay, Not very generous on the divi considering the overall apparent excellence of the numbers. Still, mustn't grumble ... Mr Market likes what he sees. The GKN bloke seems to be doing well. LKH on the flybridge
6:56 24/03/2017 Is there a doctor on site !
Medical needs emergency assistance. Chuckle brothers need to scrub up !
16:18 23/02/2017 Re: Looking rather expensive
LK - What's happening to JMAT? Games
16:01 22/02/2017 ROE to save the 'Chuckle Brothers' !
Half year results will meet management expectations, but only thanks to ROE translation which was better than forecast. There are no plans to sell a major division although further thinning remains a distinct possibility. Still plenty to give in terms of Market Cap valuation in my opinion !
15:24 22/02/2017 Re: Looking rather expensive
Games, " massive recovery - half of which I missed out on." Look on the bright side, m8 .... I got the benefit of all of it. The ex GKN bloke seems to be doing rather well, if the share price is anything to go by. LKH on the flybridge
15:11 22/02/2017 Looking rather expensive
Back at the 5 year highs interesting that they have no realistic growth except modest in detection and medical. Maybe John Crane is next year, but I would bet on it. The decision on pension investment allocation looks strange - they increased their exposure to corporate and government bonds and shrunk equity. I suppose everyone is waiting for them to sell one of the two divisions (medical or detection) and issue a special divi or somat. Games -- massive recovery - half of which I missed out on.
21:41 10/10/2016 Pension
Posted this on the GKN website but thought it worth a read for Smiths investors. I was a Smiths investor but sadly sold out too early :- The article is worth a read to put the whole thing in context. GKN features in the article alongside BAE, BT, Barclays, G4S and others. What's striking is that GKN has the largest relative pension to the size of it's business and as the article highlights the threat to all these companies dividends, GKN seems to also stick out as it has the highest payout ratio of 74% -- next nearest is Smiths with a payout ratio of 65%. I discounted Shell which has a payout ratio of 616% -- i.e. it's nowhere near covered. enjoy :-- https://www.ft.com/content/a0cf5e4a-7980-11e6-a0c6-39e2633162d5 Games
10:51 28/09/2016 Re: : LKH
ARS - Obviously went to a 'Comprehensive School' with talk like that (Blinded by science ?! ..............springs to mind) Unlike the Jock who went to the school of hard knocks.
8:54 28/09/2016 What, in the name of all that's holy, is ....
... "a gated programme management process"? There's an awfy lorra jargon in the new feller's results thingy ... I hate words like "geographies" and "verticals" but, all in all, these results weren't too bad. Even John Crane did a bit better than might have been expected, and cash flow, which is the all important thing, was up a bit. Happy to hold. LKH at the LK Wash & Valet
10:53 21/09/2016 John Crane - ULVA
Time to buy, going cheap !
13:02 31/08/2016 Re: : nk
Just goes to prove how meaningless this current JPMC Valuation of Smiths Group is. This time last year they had a valuation of only #12.50 per share. Yet the 2016 predicted profit will be less than 2015, despite this their valuation miraculously goes up some 20%. Totally ridiculous ! Unless there is a major 'corporate upheaval' which is not mentioned or considered ?! Thank heavens for ROE !
20:16 30/08/2016 JP Morgan Cazenove
From ADVFN: "Smiths Group's shares gained on Tuesday as JP Morgan Cazenove reiterated an 'overweight' rating and lifted the price target to 1,585p from 1,300p. JP Morgan said the technology company's 2016 financial year ended on a "very positive note", with the trading update on 9 August indicating that full year operating profit was well ahead of consensus expectations of #473m, although below the 2015 level of #511m. "The full-year (July year-end) results on 28 September are to be accompanied by the presentation of the new management team's strategic vision for the group and we expect this, together with good results for 2016, to provide a further stimulus for the shares to continue to outperform the sector," JP Morgan said. "With 18% upside to our price target and the prospect of the positive news flow continuing, we are reiterating our 'overweight' recommendation." JP Morgan raised its 2016 revenue and earnings per share forecast by 2% to #2.93bn and 81.7p respectively, given the movement in exchange rates. The broker said Smiths is trading at a "substantial discount" to the sector in terms of price-earnings ratio and enterprise value/ earnings before interest, tax and amortisation multiples "despite the prospect of delivering an operating profit margin more than 400bps above the average for our universe"."