13:49 24/05/2018 NEW ARTICLE: Weak dollar drives record dividend payments
"Global dividend payments rose by 10.2%A year-on-year in the first quarter of 2018, according to the Janus Henderson Global Dividends Index.The increase brought global dividend payments to a total of $244.7 billion on a headline basis, exceeding ..." http://www.iii.co.uk/articles/504747/weak-dollar-leads-new-record-global-dividend-payments
14:43 23/05/2018
Comcast have announced they are in advanced stages of making a bid for Fox 21 assets (the same assets as the Disney bid).
16:18 21/05/2018 Re: U.K. Clears Way for Comcast's Sky Bid as...
All moving to the conclusion of the bidding war. I think Fox and Disney have given enough undertakings, especially vis-a-vis Murdoch control.
15:21 21/05/2018 U.K. Clears Way for Comcast's Sky Bid as Race Tightens With Fox
The U.K. government intends to allow Comcast Corp.?s 22 billion-pound ($30 billion) bid for Sky Plc to move ahead, a boost for the U.S. cable giant as it vies with 21st Century Fox Inc. for Britain?s largest pay-TV company. Comcast?s offer for Sky doesn?t trigger public-interest concerns that would meet the threshold for intervention, Culture Secretary Matt Hancock said in a statement. The decision could put Comcast ahead of Rupert Murdoch?s Fox in the regulatory race for Sky, as Fox is still expecting the final call on its 11.7-billion pound bid for the 61 percent of the broadcaster it doesn?t own in the coming weeks. Hancock has invited interested parties to give feedback on his intention by Thursday, after which he will come to a final decision.
9:56 21/05/2018 GBP/USD Exchange rate
Sterling has been falling the last month or so. All good news fo us shareholders as it makes an bidding war more affordable for Disney and Comcast. I expect #15 pls as the final price. Just want the Culture Secretary to get the finger out.
9:09 11/05/2018 Re: 9/12/2016 - Told you so
Oh, there was also a "bt man" in the forum who predicted satellite broadcast was dead and just price for Sky shares was sub 700p! What would be the world like without comedians?
13:33 08/05/2018 The Sun allegations
I have a very queezy feeling about these allegations of Rebekah Brooks/The Sun illegally obtaining medical records. If true, the undoubted fubar heading the Murdochs' way will almost certainly affect Sky's sp and associated bids. I have therefore sold all my Sky tranches. Good luck to those staying on board.
13:21 25/04/2018 Re: COMCAST OFFER
Formal bid now received so let's see what happens. One thing I didn't appreciate before was that 21st Century Fox's bid need to be approved by a majority of independent (i.e. non Murdoch) shareholders. I was kind of worried that they'd somehow get over the line with the acceptances of a few tracker funds etc. Let's see what response there is from 21st Century Fox (they have already issued a statement) or even Disney.
13:11 25/04/2018 Re: 9/12/2016 - Told you so
Looks like my valuation of #14 was correct.
1:05 20/04/2018 COMCAST OFFER
According to the RNS today, Sky has yet to receive a written offer after Comcast announce a bid towards end of February. I was under the impression that a bidder is required to make a bid or withdraw intention within 28 days, due to Takeover & Mergers Rules. Seems I am obviously wrong. Anyone know whether not following up a bid with a written offer is common? I would hate to think what price Sky would be taken over at should Comcast not bid. Happy investing.
18:47 19/04/2018 Re: NEW ARTICLE: Why bid target Sky is firin...
Business is humming along - plainly #10.75 was a steal. I can see a final price at #15 due to the final coal performance, strategic value of the business (with NowtTv they gain a presence in OTT streaming) and fact two giants are after them. Hopefully will get a sensible decision by the government (not to be taken for granted looking at this last week).
12:22 19/04/2018 NEW ARTICLE: Why bid target Sky is firing on all cylinders
"Richard Hunter, Head of Markets at interactive investor, commented "In media terms, LSE:SKY:Sky is currently the belle of the ball, attracting overseas suitors aplenty. This update is another vindication of the interest being shown.Even with its ..." http://www.iii.co.uk/node/497097
23:41 15/04/2018 Re: confused
Cimbom, you don't talk a lot of hot air mate. You are honestly saying that you think the price of Sky is not impacted by takeover bids from Fox and Comcast and the takeover of Fox assets by Disney? Your answer to the question is a terrible answer. To explain the situation fully is not simple but here is my attempt: - 21cFox, which already owns 39% of Sky, originally bid 10.75 which was accepted by Sky but is still going through regulatory clearance. - During the bidding process Fox agreed to sell some assets including it's stake in Sky to Disney, however they still said that they would but the other 61% of Sky and sell it immediately onto Disney. - Originally it was claimed by Disney that under takeover rules it would not need to bid for the rest of Sky when it buys the 39% stake (was never really sure of their rationale as the rules say you must bid for the whole company when you buy over 30%), but the takeover panel now say they must. - In the interim period Comcast have offered 12.50p a share - Also in interim period Sky renewed their PL rights in the UK at lower costs than they previously were which was seen as a very good result. All in all who knows what will happen now, will Fox bid more if so why are they just want to sell it straight to Disney, will Disney bid on their own, will Comcast bid be accepted or would they bid higher if Fox or Disney bid again. All in all no idea what the end result will be, but to claim that the takeover situation is not driving the price is madness.
19:20 12/04/2018 Re: confused - Takeover Panel Intervention
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Statement from 21st Century Fox Regarding The Takeover Panel's Ruling New York, NY, April 12, 2018 - 21st Century Fox ("21CF") notes the announcement today by The Takeover Panel regarding the requirement for The Walt Disney Company (Disney) to make a mandatory offer, at a price of #10.75, to the holders of ordinary shares in Sky PLC (Sky) pursuant to Note 8 on Rule 9.1 of the Takeover Code as a result of Fox's stake of approximately 39% in Sky. Under the ruling, any mandatory offer by Disney would only be required after Disney's acquisition of 21CF is completed, which 21CF currently expects to occur after completion of 21CF's offer for Sky. 21CF also notes that the ruling provides that an offer would not be required if 21CF has previously acquired the entire ordinary share capital of Sky and that the offer would be at a price of #10.75 per Sky share, the same price as 21CF's existing offer. 21CF remains committed to its recommended cash offer for Sky announced on 15th December 2016, which is supported by revised remedies recently offered to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) with whom 21CF has been co-operating in order to bring the UK regulatory process to a swift and satisfactory conclusion.
23:12 11/04/2018 Re: confused
You are not the only one. My interpretation is simple but many may not agree. There is no viable takeover bid for SKY from any party at present. Market price is just over #13. Fox bid was luckily delayed by the government and @ #10.75 is already dead and buried. Comcast bid never materialised in an official capacity. Hence we are back to normal. Market price and company performance rule.