16:29 19/04/2017 Re: Deutscher Bank
Yeah good pop up today! It's because I sold up before Easter. LOL
16:12 19/04/2017 Re: Deutscher Bank
Not sure - they bought "swaps" - probably just speculating on short term share price movement but I'm no expert in swaps ! Might be more to do with rise in retailers and some other domestic stocks following rise in # against other currencies, making their overseas purchases cheaper ?
15:16 19/04/2017 Deutscher Bank
Am I right in thinking that the 14p increase in the JS share price today is linked to Deutscher Bank's acquisition of a further interest in 57,521,424 shares which in turn increases their total holding to109,810,515 shares or just over 5% of the total equity? If so does anyone know what the background to this is?
17:23 15/04/2017 Re: More Argos and Habitat
badinvestment - "Must be different where you live, the staff in my local Sainsbury's are very good." Glad to hear it, m8, very glad. I was beginning to lose heart. The other day, the missus and I were served by a checkout woman chatting with two other staff as she sped our goods down the belt without a thought for the resulting pile-up, while we were desperately trying to load our bags fast enough - until I objected.
16:28 14/04/2017 Re: More Argos and Habitat
Hi Lupo, Must be different where you live, the staff in my local Sainsbury's are very good. BTW: There is an Argos going in at the moment, so I presume that they are going to close at least one of the two local Argos stores. Probably bad news for the town centre though!
8:45 14/04/2017 Re: More Argos and Habitat
turkey - "A winning formula" Tell you what would be a "winning formula" and that would be for training for checkout staff to be more helpful and courteous. Seriously not impressed with a lot of 'em.
20:41 13/04/2017 More Argos and Habitat
More instore Argos and Habitat are to open at a faster pace. They are driving instore sales. A winning formula.
15:36 13/04/2017 Re: Broker upgrade to 360
"If the jobs market was so impressive the welfare bill would have been falling." I suppose tax credits are designed by the political class to prop up the lower pay by companies - because they are all in the investment side (me also I suppose) and rent subsidies prop up the housing market and the builders. Without these crutches, paid for by the tax payer I guess the whole shebang would fall over. I don't think I've ever seen a bigger bubble than the UK housing market - it's worse than in 1989 - much worse, since interest rates have never been so historically low and the """affordabiity"" is stretched to the limit even at these super low rates. Double or treble these super low rates and it'll all be uber strained and you'll see the likes of Lloyds Bank start to fall over and the leveraged builders, and estate agents go pop. Games - No easy answers I'm afraid with govmint debt at asranomical, #trillions, levels
12:43 13/04/2017 Re: Broker upgrade to 360
I think automation is a disaster for society and only the highly skilled professionals win. All other classes of society are gonna see no jobs or cr%p jobs with poor pay and even poorer conditions. Too many bums chasing not enough jobs...well jobs that are worth having. This government champions the employment and unemployment figures. But the reality is that the welfare bill is also rising all the time. The EVIDENCE does not match the rhetoric. If the jobs market was so impressive the welfare bill would have been falling. Yes some of this is the pensions bill but a lot is because tax credits and housing benefits have to take the place of stagnating or falling wages. The rest is disability money and other hard luck cases on the dole which rises every year in costs too. Work has begun to fail as a means of a reliable source of income for MILLIONS of people. This is only going to get worse for them and automation will increase these pressures. A lot of CEO's need to work out how to make money and profits in these very difficult and challenging times.
12:14 13/04/2017 Re: Broker upgrade to 360
"i agree about wages rising as hurting SBRY but it also hurts everyone else " Domo -- I guess if we wait long enough active tagging will be cheap enough that there won't be any check out staff and you will simply fill your basket and it will automatically be scanned and deducted from your credit card as you leave the shop. Mind you with the millions more unemployed then I guess shop prices will fall and margins will be squeezed. Is this a zero sum game he wonders? Games - That's assuming the drone doesn't beat you to the check out and drops it by your front door. The skies would look very dark with all those drones blocking out the light -- welcome to the 21st century.
12:08 13/04/2017 Re: Argos and Habitat update
"But he also called for "radical reform" to business rates to help shops compete with online retailers." Lupo, Mr Rodgers won't have much luck with that -- the tax take is enormous from business rates and the stupid government won't change the system for fear of a black hole in the finances. What's particularly irksome though is that these businesses pay taxes for existing in a shed (Business Rates), for selling the stuff - various duties, (NI on employees) and if they are lucky enough to make any kind of profit you pay Corporation Tax. If they changed the system, businesses would start at a much faster rate and they would probably stay in business a lot longer, employing more bodies. The pub closure milarky is even worse with the duty on alcohol. Games - There is no real governance in this country, it's skewed towards a core set of people who are hugely privileged who turn a blind eye to the reality of the economy.
11:15 13/04/2017 Re: Broker upgrade to 360
Although the Booker deal also looks incredibly anti competitive what with them serving thousands of small grocers as their wholesaler. Tesco will just hammer the small guy as the owner of that business. Then once the damage is done open up a replacement Tesco Express in their place. I can't believe the regulator is so sanguine about this deal. i agree about wages rising as hurting SBRY but it also hurts everyone else (other supermarkets) at the same time. I reckon they will compensate by making us all queue for longer at the checkout. Rising wages will simply translate into fewer staff.
10:30 13/04/2017 Argos and Habitat update
"Sainsbury's is opening its 50th Argos in-store concession as it takes on low-cost rivals and Amazon. The supermarket chain, which bought Argos and Habitat for #1.4bn last year, said it was on track to roll out a further 200 Argos concessions. Argos boss John Rogers said the catalogue retailer would still maintain its High Street presence. But he also called for "radical reform" to business rates to help shops compete with online retailers. Argos announced on Thursday that it would turn 60 more of its 800 UK stores into a digital format - where customers can order on an iPad rather than a catalogue. Mr Rogers said the change and the Sainsbury's concessions would not bring job losses. 'Winning' model A major reason Sainsbury's bought Argos was for its delivery network, as it looked to deliver goods to customers quicker than rivals such as Amazon. But unlike Amazon, the group pays a large amount in business rates on its shops. That bill that was more than #500m last year for Sainsbury's, Argos and Habitat, Mr Rogers said. "We would ask government to radically reform business rates. It's a very anachronistic tax in this very digital world," he told the BBC. But he added: "That doesn't mean to say we can't compete with Amazon." The Argos model, which delivers items to shoppers that day if they order before 18:00, is "winning in this market", he said. Sales in Argos concessions are growing rapidly, the company said. "It's not just about the Argos sales that we've seen go up, but Argos customers come into our stores and they also pick up a pint of milk and a sandwich," Mr Rogers said. The UK's biggest supermarkets face intense pressure from low-cost rivals Aldi and Lidl, as well as changes to shopping habits as consumers move away from the big weekly shop. Competition is also coming from US online retail giant Amazon, which launched a grocery delivery service in the UK last year. Sainsbury's said it was also rolling out 10 more mini-Habitat outlets in its supermarkets."
9:18 13/04/2017 Re: Broker upgrade to 360
The top fund managers have rarely liked the U.K. Supermarket sector. But by contrast Pension Funds love the sector.
8:06 13/04/2017 Re: Broker upgrade to 360
"and Booker looks quite expensive so this will chock the debt to enormous levels" In Tesco's case of course!! Games