14:44 15/03/2018 NEW ARTICLE: Old Mutual profits keep growing ahead of UK spin-off
"Exactly two years since unveiling plans for a complex four-way separation of its business, LSE:OML:Old MutualA thinks that the finishing line is finally in sight.In an overhaul that makes yesterday's demerger plans by LSE:PRU:Prudential look like ..." http://www.iii.co.uk/articles/489105/old-mutual-profits-keep-growing-ahead-uk-spin
17:30 15/02/2018 Re: Zuma
Onwards and upwards. Holding for a few years now - since 67p, and they've been good to me. Arthur.
9:52 15/02/2018 Zuma
Is the resignation of a President the cause of all this good news for holders of OML?
16:24 16/01/2018 Sold up
Good price . . . time to move on
6:00 20/12/2017 Re: Bid speculation
Yes. SA shares had 5% lift - see AAL too. Yesterday?s liftt due to Buxton sale at #50m over expected.
9:21 19/12/2017 Re: Bid speculation
Need leader for ANC may have influenced rise?
0:10 19/12/2017 Bid speculation
There may be more to the price hike than just the future separation. Any ideas?
20:15 18/12/2017 Re: I hold Old Mutual Shares
Nice one Cyril nice one son nice one Cyril let's have another one 300p calling here on separation we see Value
11:35 25/08/2017 I hold Old Mutual Shares
Cos I believe there is massive value after the 3 way separation here, over the next few years :-) I guess time will tell and we have to wait and see here :-)
11:31 10/04/2017 Re: What happened?
There is a youtube clip it took him 3-4 attempts to read a number of a sheet of paper. I do not think he managed it in the end,
17:48 31/03/2017 Re: What happened?
Ellamark, " Can anyone elucidate?" Zuma sacked Gordhan. What a m^ppet! (Zuma I mean). LKH on the flybridge warbles "Bring me my machine gun"
19:37 11/10/2016 What happened?
Wow.m what a drop! I didn't get all the details from their capital markets release but it must have npbeem bad! Can anyone elucidate?
14:39 20/06/2016 NEW ARTICLE: Who's driving incredible FTSE 100 rally
"A week ago we were all preparing to wave goodbye to the European Union (EU). Opinion polls swung in favour of Brexit, making a 'Leave' vote far more likely than not. However, since the tragic death of MP Jo Cox and subsequent suspension of ..." http://www.iii.co.uk/articles/329320/whos-driving-incredible-ftse-100-rally
10:02 09/05/2016 Re: divi
Final divi was paid 29-April, 6.25p. Last years interim was paid 30-Oct-15 so presumably this years will be around that date
12:08 08/05/2016 divi
Is there going to be a divi this year,and when ?