10:31 10/04/2017 Re: What happened?
There is a youtube clip it took him 3-4 attempts to read a number of a sheet of paper. I do not think he managed it in the end,
16:48 31/03/2017 Re: What happened?
Ellamark, " Can anyone elucidate?" Zuma sacked Gordhan. What a m^ppet! (Zuma I mean). LKH on the flybridge warbles "Bring me my machine gun"
18:37 11/10/2016 What happened?
Wow.m what a drop! I didn't get all the details from their capital markets release but it must have npbeem bad! Can anyone elucidate?
13:39 20/06/2016 NEW ARTICLE: Who's driving incredible FTSE 100 rally
"A week ago we were all preparing to wave goodbye to the European Union (EU). Opinion polls swung in favour of Brexit, making a 'Leave' vote far more likely than not. However, since the tragic death of MP Jo Cox and subsequent suspension of ..." http://www.iii.co.uk/articles/329320/whos-driving-incredible-ftse-100-rally
9:02 09/05/2016 Re: divi
Final divi was paid 29-April, 6.25p. Last years interim was paid 30-Oct-15 so presumably this years will be around that date
11:08 08/05/2016 divi
Is there going to be a divi this year,and when ?
11:11 11/03/2016 Re: Sold out
Grey, Judging by the fall since the RNS seems like you made a wise decision (wish i had been more decisive I took a 14% gain on the capital account but held in my ISA which fortunately still shows a small profit) A little worrying that they are dumping Nedbank when its looks a profitable concern, or is it really given the african and ad particualy South Africa politics and weakening rand. I have a feeling that giving it back to share holders piece meal is less risk than not securing a good price for it as a commercial lump (smacks of MRO smoke and mirror returns to share holders) And do I really want to hold Nedbank shares? Hopefully there will be some intersting discussions on this board over the weekend
7:37 08/03/2016 Sold out
I've sold out too. I quite liked the diverse group, with growing income from Africa. I don't like separation and I fear whether it might be in response to weaker results. So a modest profit will have to do.
16:08 07/03/2016 NEW ARTICLE: What's Old Mutual really worth?
"The sleepy world of insurance has woken up in the past few weeks. The FTSE 350 Insurance index has grown at twice the pace of the FTSE All-Share over the past seven days, and this weekend we hear that LSE:OML:Old Mutual is on the cusp of being ..." http://www.iii.co.uk/articles/300405/whats-old-mutual-really-worth
7:31 07/03/2016 Sold out
just after open Good luck
18:44 06/03/2016 Re: planning £9bn carve-up of its busi...
Given this news it may be interesting watching the share price tomorrow. Given the falling Rand and SA politics a break from the roots may be favourable. On the other hand a long slow break up with no RNS explaining the situation may see the price fall Worth watching the trend tommorrow
8:49 06/03/2016 planning #9bn carve-up of its business ?
6:07 16/01/2016 Re: Bottom Trawling
On emerging markets I do suggest reading the Jeremy Grantham newsletter, it is incredibly detailed. I would summarise the view as being that emerging markets do gently outperform over the very long term, which is consistent with my views. I'm sure that you know that OML generates very little profit in the US, so you must be a believer in a big S&P fall. I am too, and this will affect all cyclical stocks like fund managers. Where I disagree is that in my view we are in the grip of a profoundly deflationary cycle, possibly recessionary too. The good and bad news is that this means cheap commodities, which should kick off the next upwave, probably in younger parts of the world (emerging markets!). But credit cycles can take 25 years to get going again. It's only 8 years since the bubble popped. Because of the above, real returns will be very hard to come by. Equities may be the only source. This makes me believe that stock markets will tend to stay higher than usual. I do, however, believe that the S&P is a disaster zone; way overvalued and enormously flattered by debt funded stock buy backs. This tends to reinforce my view; http://www.gurufocus.com/global-market-valuation.php I will not buy any US stocks for now. In summary, I think that OML may be in for a rough patch due to falling markets. But I also believe that the long term value is there, and that the downturn will not be as extreme as you believe. Finally, I do think that central bankers will try to find a new inflationary strategy if things turn completely bad. Personally I wish that they'd done nothing all along, we would by now be coming out of the bust. In my lifetime rock bottom oil prices have always led to a recovery, a couple of years later.
16:30 15/01/2016 Re: Bottom Trawling
How do you come to the conclusion emerging markets are cheap? Most have massive current account deficits should the U.S.$ strengthen this year then emerging markets could completely disintegrate. But Old Mutual, is a straight play on the big U.S. indices, emerging markets aren't a too greater concern unless this turns major U.S. investment banks insolvent. The likes of WalMart have a big exposure in Latin America. Much of the U.S. indices p/e was Asian growth driven. I have OM on my radar, but not at these prices, I am waiting for 15p-20p!, which may shock you but I believe this is a realistic target rice. Some estimates have these markets over priced by around 75%.
15:15 15/01/2016 Re: Bottom Trawling
Yup, I'm down 20% and I bought a large holding. Not surprising with emerging markets/rand/stock markets all down. I bought far too early. I'm holding though, the downdraught is no worse than emerging markets in general....... As other posters have said, the S&P is still hugely overvalued. Even though emerging markets are now cheap, they could get a lot cheaper. In the past they have often overdone the downside. But look at this..... http://www.gurufocus.com/global-market-valuation.php It very much chimes with research out of Jeremy Grantham, who I rate.