14:01 25/05/2017 Re: watching the grass growing
Acsatix Aye, that's true, property prices and rents have well outstripped the stock market over that timescale. Making decisions on what asset classes to hold is always much easier in retrospect though ! Timings, important too of course. If you'd bought a FTSE100 tracker at it's peak in 1999 ( ~ 6900 ), you'd have only seen a rise of 600 points, so less than 10%, but if you'd bought shares in Legal and General when it bombed to below 40p ( I didn't have the balls to do so, but some on here did ), then the story would be very different. This probably shows lots of things, but it certainly shows it's sensible to :- 1. Spread risk amongst asset classes and 2. Invest on a regular basis to avoid only buying on highs Unless you're relatively rich, buying a house every year to average out the costs isn't desperately practical though BB
10:20 25/05/2017 Re: watching the grass growing
acastix, "buying house to rent in hull would be better. " Funny you should say that, LGEN have sunk #600m into the build-to-rent residential sector, which I'm finding very hard to play right now, other than via TEF (AIM listed) or INL (AIM listed and not really the right sort of residential build to let anyway). I'm convinced its the next big thing in UK residential property, and I'm expecting someone to produce a REIT to invest in it, but nothing so far. I'm afraid all the big, early returns might be being made by none-listed companies. Maybe LGEN is my best bet at the moment, but I can't see them multi-bagging, somehow. They also have a 5% stake in my favourite micro-cap small miner, RBW, which seems a bit on the wild side for them. (Its actually part of a much bigger mining group which LGEN are probably associated with, so I imagine that's how it came about).
21:35 24/05/2017 Re: watching the grass growing
Hi boring bernie... I give it to you but the stock moved up 25% since 1999... underwhelming. buying house to rent in hull would be better.
18:39 24/05/2017 Re: watching the grass growing
Grass that's more than doubled in length over five years, but also cuts itself twice a year in order to pay a dividend so you can pay the gardener to do the mowing ? Mind you, in retrospect, it grew too quickly a couple of years ago and needed a dose of pesticide to sort itself out BB
18:21 24/05/2017 watching the grass growing
what kind of grass grows as slowly as LGEN?
0:58 03/05/2017 Re: DB pension derisking
Chicken lips: "No panic on the Titanic". My ex employer , a FTSE 100 company sourced the pension scheme out to L&G. Our Pension board had no clue and it was ( very ) expensive. L&G appear to know what they are doing and the trend is their friend. Large corporations outsource the pension risk, but at a price. I reckon L&G might be at 285 Pence in Dec 2017 with a healthy dividend yield. By then, Brexit will have gone belly up and high yielding stocks such as L&G will be everybody's darling ( Woodford etc ) BOE will not be able to increase interest rates and inflation will be allowed to gallop for a few years. Until 2021 I reckon since the conservatives will secure a landslide victory on June the 8th. Good luck to us all.
21:26 02/05/2017 Re: DB pension derisking
Yep and I could do with a little more Phoenix. Good to see financial's coming back into favour. Staying long and strong. Mp
18:24 02/05/2017 Re: DB pension derisking
... and it's why asand is a LGEN and PHNX holder aussi
11:58 02/05/2017 Re: DB pension derisking
Peapod, "it is an expensive process for the pension fund" That's why LKH on the flybridge is a LGEN shareholder
11:33 02/05/2017 Re: DB pension derisking
No idea of the process But!! My company had intended to do just that, and the trustees agreed that it would require a 20% premium on the full fund value. As it was in deficit at the time it never happened. So it is an expensive process for the pension fund regardless of any bidding system.
9:40 30/04/2017 DB pension derisking
has anyone studied how it works? Are the compaies derisking having competitive bids on the price tag so lg and aviva and you name it have to win the business to alleviate them from a risky persion business? how aggressive are these bids?
18:34 27/04/2017 Re: Ex -div
Credit Suisse rated shares underperform may be the extra drop
16:16 27/04/2017 Re: Ex -div
Yep ex divi today thats why I/'m down about 4K. thats a bigger than usual post divi dip. Hope to see some recovery over next few days. CL
12:07 27/04/2017 Re: Ex -div
Record Date is tomorrow
10:12 27/04/2017 Re: Ex -div
Diwent, The post saying Divis tomorrow was posted yesterday, Therefore divis today. Regards