11:03 15/11/2017 lol 100 oz
mmm was expecting more than that
11:46 04/11/2017 share price
holding well. Expecting good production figure. ( see previous RNS) :)
22:32 05/10/2017 Re: 25% spread anyone
Another placing... #750000 @ 1.1p it fell 21% to match it.
9:35 05/10/2017 Re: RNS
obviously is a reaction -20%
9:22 29/09/2017 RNS
what do pi think of the result? No reaction from the market. :-?
8:27 21/09/2017 Re: production news next?
I'm not invested here but watching the share. Would the go back to 1p?
16:32 20/09/2017 Re: production news next?
i was trying to work out reserves on this but couldnt,anyone got anything?
16:27 20/09/2017 Re: production news next?
with a market cap of #6m they need something more substantial for sure
15:01 20/09/2017 Re: production news next?
lets see whether they can increase the production in the next update.
14:33 20/09/2017 Re: #1million revenue
wrong again 32.15 troy oz in a kilo got confused with grams :s :s
14:06 20/09/2017 Re: #1million revenue
whoops go back to school bhp 35oz to a kilo
22:09 19/09/2017 Re: #1million revenue
Not sure how you got #1m revenue, just from the platinum Bhptuner? My calculations show Gold revenue at $10,964, and Platinum at $21,521, giving a total revenue = $32,485. I rounded up a couple of figures and used a gold price of $1310 and a Platinum price of $951. The company states average platinum and gold grades of 91 mg per m3 (0.091gm /m3). 9656 cu metres x 0.091 = 877gms. = 31oz of metal (28.3 gms per oz). 27% of 31oz = 8.37oz Gold 73% of 31oz = 22.63 oz Platinum. So unless I have miscalculated they did not achieve their "First kilogramme of platinum and gold metals" in this 18 day period. I assume that they added the 877oz to previous finds.
15:15 19/09/2017 #1million revenue
with less than #6m market cap on low grade stuff and we go backwards. typical aim nowadays never recovered from 2008
11:29 19/09/2017 Re: production news next?
This indeed is good news! cannot understand why the shares are languishing!
7:44 19/09/2017 Re: production news next?
Income at last That's #1m in platinum alone isn't it