15:52 13/04/2017 the tiny trades
still happening 22 shares 0 value
17:58 05/04/2017 Re: 25% spread anyone
If MM's are throwing small change at this, it at least shows it's on their radar - not a bad thing imho. Hopefully our patience will be rewarded!
15:31 05/04/2017 Re: 25% spread anyone
more little sells to try to stop interest in this
10:33 29/03/2017 Re: 25% spread anyone
the #31 was just like today .if there is a buy it is followed by a sell of a tiny amount like todays #5 dont know about you but that #5 sell wold cost me #11.95 hence it has to be a MM? so why ae they bothering?
7:46 22/03/2017 Re: 25% spread anyone
Nice to see someone posting after this latest placing 50% less then the last one 16/09/16 ( six months ). RNS 15.25pm yesterday . Anyone have details on when they started to phone people to take part in it. If they raised the money quickly it might indicate something. Beaufort seem to be involved with lots of these ant view on them ? Sell price of 1.1p still above placing @ 1p but the spread is so large ? if the discount was 38% its 13% less then spread .. for brokers who might have brought some and hold in principle punt them out for a mid price .
7:10 22/03/2017 38% discount
omg this was 2 p not long ago thankfully not holding at present
20:55 20/03/2017 Re: 25% spread anyone
Very quite board surprised nothing posted around 16/09/16. Not quite sure what your #31 post on 28 November 2016 refers to ....... bhptuner
14:09 02/03/2017 Re: 30% increase?
It's at it again +25%
15:08 22/02/2017 Re: 30% increase?
dont make sense ,wheres the value?
12:53 22/02/2017 30% increase?
Anyone know why?
13:47 21/02/2017 Likely loss of Mankayan Project
At least it was fully impaired in last years accounts. Duterte is decimating Phillipine's mining industry!
17:22 08/02/2017 Good for platinum
Demand growing http://www.miningweekly.com/article/enormous-global-demand-on-way-for-copper-platinum-zinc-friedland-2017-02-08/rep_id:3650
7:11 24/01/2017 mg per m3?
since when usualy grams not mg misleading in my opion
12:37 28/11/2016 Re: ill bet if anyone buys
its still happening #31 sell hmm really?????
9:33 08/09/2016 confused
does this mean we would only own 5% of this other company?