8:27 21/09/2017 Re: production news next?
I'm not invested here but watching the share. Would the go back to 1p?
16:32 20/09/2017 Re: production news next?
i was trying to work out reserves on this but couldnt,anyone got anything?
16:27 20/09/2017 Re: production news next?
with a market cap of #6m they need something more substantial for sure
15:01 20/09/2017 Re: production news next?
lets see whether they can increase the production in the next update.
14:33 20/09/2017 Re: #1million revenue
wrong again 32.15 troy oz in a kilo got confused with grams :s :s
14:06 20/09/2017 Re: #1million revenue
whoops go back to school bhp 35oz to a kilo
22:09 19/09/2017 Re: #1million revenue
Not sure how you got #1m revenue, just from the platinum Bhptuner? My calculations show Gold revenue at $10,964, and Platinum at $21,521, giving a total revenue = $32,485. I rounded up a couple of figures and used a gold price of $1310 and a Platinum price of $951. The company states average platinum and gold grades of 91 mg per m3 (0.091gm /m3). 9656 cu metres x 0.091 = 877gms. = 31oz of metal (28.3 gms per oz). 27% of 31oz = 8.37oz Gold 73% of 31oz = 22.63 oz Platinum. So unless I have miscalculated they did not achieve their "First kilogramme of platinum and gold metals" in this 18 day period. I assume that they added the 877oz to previous finds.
15:15 19/09/2017 #1million revenue
with less than #6m market cap on low grade stuff and we go backwards. typical aim nowadays never recovered from 2008
11:29 19/09/2017 Re: production news next?
This indeed is good news! cannot understand why the shares are languishing!
7:44 19/09/2017 Re: production news next?
Income at last That's #1m in platinum alone isn't it
10:20 30/08/2017 500k buyer
5 so far some one is well interested
9:53 30/08/2017 production news next?
wasnt expecting exploration news tbh sales news due in Q3 which is any time now
15:00 29/08/2017 Re: 25% spread anyone
You are right I'm sure bhptuner . It was a quick reaction and i was distracted with a nabour dispute. I ques Winnifriths remarks were in my mind somewhere as well , i actually had a much higher alert set that i didn't refer to , ( it triggered a message a little wile after sale..... Patience !! ) Still good job i didn't sell all. l :-) Best of luck with yours. R
14:59 29/08/2017 Finally....
I originally purchased these back in March 2014. Had pretty much given up on them after the failure to sell on their asset of more than $50m and pretty much remaining dormant since. Nice to see some movement, hopefully the next week or two will see some news of revenue and good news to push the price up some more. 3 to 4p and I'll be happy LOL. No idea where it'll go to though or how good the news will be!! Any predictions from anyone here???
13:41 29/08/2017 Re: 25% spread anyone
bit premature i think news due in q3 of sales of product (income)