7:44 07/12/2017 Re: What's changed in 3 weeks?
Ye the man said I don't understand why the sp going down Pfff It's disappointing credibility shot to pieces
19:04 06/12/2017 What's changed in 3 weeks?
Three weeks ago today Dr Bernard Oliver was telling us that all in the garden was rosy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKHGryygofI&feature=youtu.be I am struggling to see that what was said 3 weeks ago, and what has been said today, can both be truthful statements about the same company.
15:28 06/12/2017 FSA
Need to look at some of the trades that went through recently. Obviously had insider information
15:18 06/12/2017 A long wait for nothing
Just when I was thinking this company was at last turning a corner it sells itself out again
12:28 29/11/2017 Re: share price
Worth a listen - https://t.co/Ua7tW24uzt
12:03 15/11/2017 lol 100 oz
mmm was expecting more than that
12:46 04/11/2017 share price
holding well. Expecting good production figure. ( see previous RNS) :)
23:32 05/10/2017 Re: 25% spread anyone
Another placing... #750000 @ 1.1p it fell 21% to match it.
10:35 05/10/2017 Re: RNS
obviously is a reaction -20%
10:22 29/09/2017 RNS
what do pi think of the result? No reaction from the market. :-?
9:27 21/09/2017 Re: production news next?
I'm not invested here but watching the share. Would the go back to 1p?
17:32 20/09/2017 Re: production news next?
i was trying to work out reserves on this but couldnt,anyone got anything?
17:27 20/09/2017 Re: production news next?
with a market cap of #6m they need something more substantial for sure
16:01 20/09/2017 Re: production news next?
lets see whether they can increase the production in the next update.
15:33 20/09/2017 Re: #1million revenue
wrong again 32.15 troy oz in a kilo got confused with grams :s :s