8:30 17/07/2017 ARE WE IN WITH A SHOUT?
HS2 reveals winners of building contracts: The winners of #6.6bn worth of contracts to build the first phase of HS2 between London and Birmingham have been announced by the government. UK companies Carillion, Costain and Balfour Beatty are among the consortia who will build tunnels, bridges and embankments on the first stretch of the new high speed rail line. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40627464
18:00 26/06/2017 Re: BiancaBOT Bought 85.25p mid ( 85.50 actual price)
Best of luck =;
9:18 19/06/2017 peel hunt...
says buy and raises target price to 90 p
14:54 25/05/2017 Re: Question
Price up another 4p today.No real idea why either
10:27 22/05/2017 Question
What's been going on for the last few days? Price has been going up every day
looks like piggies are in trough mode. The awards are not that hard ot achieve are they. IS this the time to dump and run? Or should I drop a word to the Char asking why he has diluted my holdings without what I see a proper reward to me? After all it is my money.
10:30 10/03/2017 Re: Does this ever move?
Afrosia Can't remember who said it [ I have a life outside of this :) ] But to paraphrase - a company should only return money to shareholders as dividends when it can't make a better return for them by re-investing in the business. Yes, I like dividends and income, but prefer a better total return. That is what I have had from BREE over the years and expect to continue for some time yet. PE
9:48 10/03/2017 Re: Does this ever move?
Pie-eater, If you read my comment carefully you will see that I postulated a dividend of some 50% of available profits, i.e. 2X covered, as a reasonable possibility and suggested that this level of dividend was insufficient to support a share price of 80p. It is immaterial to me as I have converted #5,000 into #35,000 so am happy someone is willing to buy at this price. I was not.
9:36 10/03/2017 Re: Does this ever move?
Using Cher?s definition, Berkshire Hathaway is a Ponzi scheme. A company should only be paying a dividend if it doesn?t have sufficiently attractive reinvestment opportunities, whether those are internal or external. So far Breedon has demonstrated itself to be an adept capital allocator and one that I trust to either reinvest internally or acquire other businesses. It could also be argued that a company that retains more capital, and is able to earn strong returns on capital, should be expected to have a higher earnings multiple, since the net present value of retained earnings is higher than the value of a dividend.
8:45 10/03/2017 shore capital....
upgrades from hold to buy .
7:34 10/03/2017 Re: Does this ever move?
Cher, You have you opinion and you may or may not be correct. (What was the difference with, for example Facebook in the US where no profits were made for years...and also more recently Snapchat - neither of which I hold directly but almost certainly via US ETFs) Just because a company re-invests it's cash-flow into further growth opportunities doesn't make it a Ponzi. As far as I can tell virtually all companies re-invest for growth and then as that reduces then the profits are increasingly paid in divid as the company matures. BUT The question was, basically where is the divi that you stated gave you the yield? As far as I can see there isn't one. Am I correct on that or are you? PE
7:21 10/03/2017 Re: Does this ever move?
Pie Eater, Without a dividend or a planned liquidation a company like Breedon is akin to a giant Ponzi scam. It is only supportable if new mugs appear to buy the shares as a reward is only obtained by selling. My point was that the profits do not support the present share price.
10:06 08/03/2017 Re: Does this ever move?
Retardation mostly...
9:22 08/03/2017 Re: Does this ever move?
CHER, Sorry, must be going blind....where is the 1.5p divi? Company has always re-invested profits and as I read it will continue to do so.....while constantly reviewing options. PE
9:00 08/03/2017 Re: Does this ever move?
so why the Sell flag then Afrosia?