22:14 20/03/2018 Deepwater Deception
Definitely a must read this one - not sure BP will be too happy reading it. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2018/03/prweb15338936.htm They say the truth always floats to the surface in the end. Les (Berkeley)
21:59 20/03/2018 Re: Should May congratulate Putin?
Both Trump and Merkel have now warmly congratulated Putin on his success, looking forward to PMQs tomorrow. Les (Berkeley)
18:56 20/03/2018 Re: The Ma d House
http://buchanan.org/blog/did-putin-order-the-salisbury-hit-128936 Seems more and more people are questioning what happened. Not that it will have any influence on the usual crew of faithful believers.
14:19 20/03/2018 Re: NEW ARTICLE: Stockwatch: This 6% yield c...
Interesting that the article speaks of consenus towards a 29% divi increase. My brokers site consensus says no change. As for Putin having a go at BP, I stand by my earlier comments, although a lot depends upon what our gov decides should the latest mu der in Salisbury throw up a direct Kremlin connection - unlikely I'd have thought. Matey's still liable to have a dig at the UK through BP, somehow or other, should there be further action by TM, just as a warning. Ah well, wait and see, as usual.
14:10 20/03/2018 Re: Bca marketplace share look cheap
Yes, agreed, I checked them out the other day and if I weren't fully invested I'd pick up some.
14:09 20/03/2018 Re: The Ma d House
Davy H - yes, of course, m8, something I've been advocating for many months. I do believe that fewer folk do respond these days, although I have to admit that I've been guilty of taking the bait on occasions. Anyway, now that I enter the site via another board (can't say which in case the nu tters flood that one, Our haven), I log in before accessing this site. Lordy be, it's quite normal.
12:51 20/03/2018 Re: The Ma d House
The following is just an excerpt from the article below. For those wooly souls who can't face reality and run off to saner pastures. But no, wait, its probably all just another bit of fake news, seen as how it didn't come from the BBC or Ch4 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, But no surprise about judge Blake. In a recent survey of judges in Europe, it was found that Britain was only exceeded by Albania in the percentage of judges (45%) who reported that their decisions had been made at the direction of the establishment. The lowest rates of interference with judges was found (1%) in?guess where?Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It seems that we live in a corrupt society here in Britain and I am ashamed to be part of this State which has poisoned its citizens consistently since 1945 and continues to do so, and to cover it all up, aided by dishonest scientists and celebrity reporters like George Monbiot. Those who have a magical view of events might delight in thinking that George has received his just due; for myself I just hope that this may make him look into the issue more deeply and change his mind about the effects of radioactive contamination. http://www.counterpunch.org/2018/03/20/cancer-george-monbiot-and-nuclear-weapons-test-fallout/
12:12 20/03/2018 NEW ARTICLE: Stockwatch: This 6% yield could get even better
"What are the prospects for one of the fattest yields in the @GB:UKX:FTSE 100 index?I'd treat an alleged consensus (see table) for near-30% growth in LSE:BP.:BP's total dividend to 36.7p per share, with a dose of salt, given the board's policy to ..." http://www.iii.co.uk/articles/490028/stockwatch%3A-6-yield-could-get-even-better
12:00 20/03/2018 Re: The Ma d House
I find that putting Les and Lolabe on ignore takes out a lot of the dross and spam on this board. If people would NOT reply to their baiting messages then it would be a normal discussion board. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ignore the maniacs and do NOT reply to their messages. Then they will go find a new toy to play with and not bother the serious people on this board.
11:49 20/03/2018 Bca marketplace share look cheap
Good dividend
11:45 20/03/2018 Why I don't have an EV
Interesting article in the FT here: http://www.ft.com/content/34f4665a-275f-11e8-b27e-cc62a39d57a0 It concludes that EV's will not be accepted until the charging infrastructure is in place. There has been much discussion on this board about the effect that EV's might have on BP's future so in relation to the POO it comments: "An excellent, comprehensive study published last month by S&P Global Platts comes to the conclusion that oil will hold its central role in powering mobility for decades to come; 95 per cent of all transportation is oil fuelled. The EVs currently on the world?s roads displace less than 60,000 barrels a day of oil demand ? less than 0.06 per cent of total global demand." The reference to the S&P Global Platts study can be found here: http://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/3a128229?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_term=electricpower&utm_content=specialreport&utm_campaign=newsarticle#/3a128229/1 The FT article also makes the point I have on the subject that although China leads the way in the introduction of EV's, it generates two thirds of its electricity by burning coal which, apart from the inefficient thermal and mechanical inefficiency of converting it to electrical energy, is highly pollutant. A further BP specific from S&P Global Platts study is this: "The most efficient petrol driven cars are now capable of close to 100miles/gallon. According to BP the average car globally may have achieved less than 30 miles/gallon in 2015 but that is still more range efficient than the most expensive EV's. And engines are becoming more frugal. BP forecasts the average passenger car will achieve almost 50 miles/gallon by 2035. In its model , these efficiency gains could absorb most of the increases in the number of EV's expected on highways."
10:27 20/03/2018 Re: The Ma d House
Sadly I think you and Philip are right. The Iunatics have taken over this asyIum. I look in less and less here. Used to be quite informative with a leavening of the bonkers and the amusing (LK, where have you gone?). Now we just have the tedious loghorreic fantasies of the piIIock Les and his unlovely sidekick Lolabe, plus various other bores and troIIs, with a dash of anti-semitic/Zionist for good measure. Barcplus is more civilised, but it has relatively few participants as yet.
10:09 20/03/2018 Re: The Ma d House
Let me know where the air is. I like ii but this particular board on BP is just absurd.
9:50 20/03/2018 The Ma d House
Philip Reid wondered why I still posted on the BP, and I said that it was down as my fav on ii, so I automatically entered the board here before logging on. That meant that I was face with illogical posts and wind-up postings. I should have ditched this board long ago, but I do have a big stake in BP. The answer, obviously, is to make another board my fav which I'm going to do - cheers all round, no doubt - and only check in here once I've logged in. So I'll leave this to the deranged souls in the asy lum, and breathe the air.
9:30 20/03/2018 Re: Uber suspends self-driving car tests...
lolabe If I had to put on a wager, I reckon it will be shown not to be a system failure, but some unfortunate person riding straight into the car's path without any warning. If so, it would be shown that the car responded faster than if there was a human in control, but the fatality was unavoidable. One only has to be travelling at about 30 mph for a collision with a pedestrian/cyclist to be near fatal. Les (Berkeley)