5:24 25/04/2017 Re: JUST NOTICED THIS >>>>
Yeah, well they have to do something with it. The condy will be getting knocked out in the mini-process and run through a meter to a condy tank. There's obviously not enough to pipeline it out and because we have no idea what the sales specs are we don't know if they would get away with commingling it back into export gas. If they can't then I guess it will be a tanker every few days and hopefully someone somewhere will buy it. The water still has my attention. There's 100ppm at the wellhead and the dewpoint depends on both pressure and temperature at that concentration. I really wish we could be trusted with a little more of the coal-face stuff.
2:23 25/04/2017 Re: JUST NOTICED THIS >>>>
Pays for the tea and biscuits.
21:15 24/04/2017 Re: JUST NOTICED THIS >>>>
Maybe they should slip some into a brown envelope to magic us the permit? LOL!
19:37 24/04/2017 Re: JUST NOTICED THIS >>>>
yeah ure right, it was just a guess but i got my decimal point out by a place. 159 litres to a barrel. so 4360 barrels a year which is $220,000 a year. they could use it as a director bonus :P Monk
18:31 24/04/2017 Re: JUST NOTICED THIS >>>>
2,930 litres is 2.93 cubes and is about 18.5 barrels actually but either way it's insignificant. And condy is the ugly sister at the moment in any case - the market is partially suppressed because of stockpiles. Still we don't hear what the daily sales volume is. What's the secret? The first ever sales from Ascent to a customer and we have no idea how much income is being generated or what they have contracted for. Weird.
18:15 24/04/2017 Re: JUST NOTICED THIS >>>>
Better than a slap in the face with a wet kipper. Mill a year
18:02 24/04/2017 Re: JUST NOTICED THIS >>>>
its about 125 barrels of oil so not a lot really Monk
16:18 24/04/2017 Re: JUST NOTICED THIS >>>>
Sorry, just relised it was litres, not barrels of condensate! My appologies.
16:17 24/04/2017 JUST NOTICED THIS >>>>
i was not aware the PG10 well produced 2930 litres of condensate in the 3 day gas test! From results today>>>>> "Over the course of the 56 hour test the well was open for a total of 37 hours. The well produced total gas of 295,387 cubic metres (10,431,595 cubic feet) along with 28,250 litres of water and 2,930 litres of condensate. The average flowing well head pressure was 271 barg (3,930 psi absolute)." Is it not the case that consensate is not far off the value of oil? Can someone advise please! AllIMHO.
16:08 24/04/2017 Up 11.8% now.Market seeing
potential and no fund raising anytime soon as already done.......... All IMHO.
15:48 24/04/2017 Re: Director buys??
We live in hope!
15:45 24/04/2017 The market is liking the results
looking at the sp rise. At the end of the day Ascent willl NOT be raising money any time soon as we are past that and the money is in the bank waiting to be spent. Next news should be re-working well pg11, and this news should be with us in a few weeks time. After that gas sales to Croatia (a few months). Basically Ascent have the finance in place and a business plan that makes a lot of sense... and will hopefully make a load of money. Ascent are getting more attantion from the bigger investors now I think. All IMHO.
12:08 24/04/2017 Director buys??
9:54 24/04/2017 results
no big surprises in the results, haven't affected sp either. isn't the deadline for another ippc appeal this week?? no news is good news?
11:08 22/04/2017 Buried Treasure
Says ippc goes good. Bloody short closes Next well drills Cash in End of month Possible takeover chat Share goes boom. :-) Patience is a virtue and I am patient on this one. Talk on the street is good things come to those who wait in Ast Making alot of noise lots of punters waiting. Short is nearly closed GL BT