How free prices and the 'contention pool' on SharePrice work

In December 2012 we changed the model for access to contended live LSE level 1 prices.

Since 2008, SharePrice had led the way in terms of providing free real-time London prices on a contended basis to as many users of our website and mobile apps as possible. We had provided this to all users, whether they’ve been trading customers or not, but now we’re looking for some commitment from those of you who value the real-time nature of the service in order to help us continue to grow and develop the platform further.

To qualify for contended prices you will need to open a trading account with us and trade at least once in the month to qualify for access the following month. As per the previous contention model, we will manage this value added feature for trading customers by way of a contention pool - outlined in the model below.

Free users will be able to continue using our service free of charge but will see either delayed streaming or delayed snap shot pricing. We will continue to subsidise our investment in to supporting tens of thousands of free users by way of advertising across our website and mobile apps.

Our SharePrice Pro service is also outlined on the right hand side of the diagram. It's a simple business proposition: value the service enough to subscribe and we'll offer an enhanced service that includes a dedicated connection to the streaming server, the Level 2 order book, RNS alerts and no ads.

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