7:47 23/07/2014 Earnings look good to me

Nice growing cash pile,some new products to come.Very happy here By shareordie
10:09 21/07/2014 Re: Tickety Booh.....
Hi F

Yes - seeking alpha is a good 'un - opinions from all angles, not just raging bulls.

Not sure what the QPPSAG is - if its a Special Action Group full of those raging bulls, errr... then I'll stay clear for my own sanity :-)

JG By johnnygibber
21:30 19/07/2014 Re: Tickety Booh.....
Hi Johnny.
Do you subscribe to seeking alpha? It's free
I must have had 8 articles from them re AAPL.

Hope you're right about the products. Could be an interesting Autumn here.

Have you joined QPPSAG? Very positive re QPP

F By Fulchester
17:23 19/07/2014 Tickety Booh.....
Well everything seems to be ticking along nicely - here's me thinking my AIM stocks would be the big winners - alot of pants so far - especially XEL and Quindell !!

Anyway results in a few days, iWatch, iPhone 6, china mobile expanding 4G, some apple bloke said best product lineup in 25 yrs !!! - maybe an iMoneyPrinter, or iMOTforFree ??

Some bloke on Moneyweek wrote a few months back 'A simple elegant trade - Short Apple Long Google' - still early days but hope he's not all in on that.....


By johnnygibber
12:02 12/06/2014 Re: Query on Stock Split

I have sent a very angry letter to HSBC informing them that this situation is not acceptable and also demanded a compensation.
Also mentioned that I will take this matter to FCA, PRA and Financial Ombudsman Service,
and that I consider this to not a gross negligence appears but appears to be outright fraud

In my letter I also pointed the following shown below (taken from http://investor.apple.com/faq.cfm )

The Record Date – June 2, 2014 - determines which shareholders are entitled to receive additional shares due to the split.

The Split Date – June 6, 2014 - shareholders are due split shares after the close of business on this date.

The Ex Date - June 9, 2014 - the date determined by NASDAQ when Apple common shares will trade at the new split-adjusted price.

How does a 7-for-1 stock split actually work?
A 7-for-1 split means that six additional shares of stock are issued for each share in existence on the Record Date, June 2, 2014.

Its OK had they not updated the price of the stock. But HSBC has updated the price (£93.xx) and left the number of shares unchanged....

lets see what HSBC comes back with! By Jabbar_Aslam
21:35 11/06/2014 Re: Query on Stock Split
I'm with Hargreaves Lansdown- exactly the same.

My III portfolio is too.

It just takes time - only a problem if you want to sell.

ps 52 pre split, you're buying the beers at the $1000 party !! By Fulchester
13:03 11/06/2014 Query on Stock Split

I am using HSBC Invest Direct as by broker.

I notice that number of shares I hold in AAPL remains the same (52 Shares) but the value of my stock has been split (reduced to 1/7).

I spoke with HSBC and they have said the number of shares will be updated only at end of Thursday!

Is is the same for other brokers as well?

I have sent an angry letter to HSBC Invest Direct asking an explanation and compensation.

Any one else experienced this before? I am sure its the responsibility of Broker to keep client;s portfolio up to date? (I assumed this would be up-2-date by end of Monday atleast) By Jabbar_Aslam
15:22 10/06/2014 Re: Split
$660 in old share value, happy days, $100 here we come By arborman
19:58 09/06/2014 Split
Hasn't done the SP any harm.

Same/similar value of trading - $6 billion so far !!! By Fulchester
18:51 06/06/2014 Re: $650 to start
7 for 1 split at close tonight By shareordie
14:46 06/06/2014 $650 to start
Oooerr !! By Fulchester
8:34 28/05/2014 Before we all get carried away.....
....here is an article from an Apple perma Bear to provide some balance.....

Apparently Blair the Bear is/ has been shorting Apple - ouch !!


The comments section is increasing by the minute :-)

JG By johnnygibber
17:16 27/05/2014 Re: Broken thru $600
I recently thought my prediction of $630 this month was far fetched, it was made following close study of the apple chart,.... Now it seems quite likely, so i am going back to the charts to see where this might go by the end of june..... Watch this space(cadet) By arborman
8:35 27/05/2014 Re: Broken thru $600
Hello $614,
Doing very well,this moves fast for a big market cap company. By shareordie
15:11 06/05/2014 Re: Broken thru $600
And holding.. at least to start with By Fulchester