19:21 16/01/2015 Bounce
Can't see this falling below 105 for long, chart suggests a dip to 103 or maybe sub 100 for a day or two, then with the coming trading update i see this bouncing back to 115+
GLA all holders By arborman
12:53 07/01/2015 Moneyweek - oh dreary me...
Still keeping my eye on apple , however digging through my email alerts I found this beauty from early last year.....


Looking a tad iffy after one yr - absolutely 100% wrong !!
Still - he never mentioned a timeframe when it might pay off.......

Also pushing Gold and Silver.....

GLA - and Happy New Year
JG By johnnygibber
20:11 06/01/2015 From an post on MONI bb
Apple Pay is a hardware/operating system combination designed to facilitate transactions everywhere the device goes. The operating system is the only be-everywhere alternative that can seamlessly interact with every application, every website and every bit or byte that crosses the mobile device.

By embedding the wallet into the device’s hardware Apple ensured that the next generation wallet will not be a software application, rather it will be as much a physical wallet as your current leather wallet is today. It is a fundamental and physical part of the device itself.

The physical nature of the wallet ensures that only Apple can manage it by way of its control over the operating system and the physical components of the device. Having this control ensures that the consumer, the device and the wallet act as a unified entity. The consumer buys the device, the wallet is part of the device and the wallet is how you transact via the device. Apple is the only player today that can provide this service across every device interaction. This means that Apple has a massive advantage in providing payment services that are executed with or within the device, and the universal control across the wallet components means that Apple can create a consumer experience that others cannot match. By arborman
9:32 19/12/2014 Re: panorama
Don't think panorama will stop the general public buying Apple products, nasty as some the news coming out from the tin mining. Did you realise mining has always been dangerous, perhaps you are not aware 100 years ago many many miners were killed in this country, did the public stop buying Coal? My Grandfather was killed in the Senghenydd disaster 439 died there. By Hawk Eye32
22:23 18/12/2014 panorama
I'm guessing no one else watched panorama tonight,people being forced to do 70 hr weeks ,and environmental issues linked to tin mining,not good guys .
By bhptuner
22:37 15/12/2014 Re: when will the run end?
Looks like it's all going a bit wrong at the moment? :-s By NotAClueAboutTheMonies
11:58 25/11/2014 when will the run end?
I notice the share price goes up by almost 1%+ every dat.
Don't know when this run will end.

Everyone is expecting a massive 1st quarter for 2015 - with Christmas sales ahead.

I will definitely hold until next quarterly results and then see what happens - I am not too hopeful for the Apple watch - but fingers crossed for that!

I hold around 350 shares averaged at $93 - lets see how long this rally will last.

J By Jabbar_Aslam
19:47 18/11/2014 Re: Record close!
117 in mid november mind!
So 135 by Jan?
Hot stuff! By arborman
8:34 29/10/2014 Re: Record close!
I think your kidding yourself if you think this will peek at 117,its all that cash generation and all the cash in the bank that will keep this going far higher, they have tried to return cash to shareholders in massive amounts and it still keeps going up.
The cash will need to be distributed in massive amounts not seen before and this will keep the share price going up.
Ichan thinks this is worth $200 and it's hard to find a reason why not, there are plenty of other companies on that kind of valuation that are nowhere near as good as Apple. By shareordie
20:11 28/10/2014 Record close!
Where and when will it peak?
Mid Jan at 117 is my best guess
Happy days watching my friends buy the new phone By arborman
17:40 21/10/2014 Earnings very good
155 billion in the bank seems like it's mounting up no matter how much they give out to shareholders
http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-q4-earnings-2014-10 By shareordie
10:31 11/10/2014 Portfolio lifesaver
Apple is.
Well the UK stock market still having a wobble and Apple still finds great news to drip feed to us.
I wonder what Apple will do with all that cash being generated by the new iPhone?
They haven't successfully distributed or made a big hole in the cash they already have so all this cash coming in will have to be distributed to shareholders somehow.
Ichan has suggested tender offer.
We have new I pads on the 16th I think.
Apple tv to be opened up to other operators?
If the apple watch sells in big numbers that's more cash.
So some interesting times ahead, I expect some bold moves to attempt to return cash to shareholders next year from this big cash generator
By shareordie
9:55 11/09/2014 Re: Cashing in......
....as of 15.03 New York time yesterday, I am sad to report my reversion to merely being a git....who rather likes the look of the Apple Watch....

JG By johnnygibber
20:58 09/09/2014 Re: Cashing in......
I too topped up on COMS
Will be holding Apple till the new year By arborman
17:36 09/09/2014 Re: Cashing in......
Smug is fine !

Good Luck all ! And I mean it !

Coms.lse for me though I will investigate your suggestion By Fulchester