9:31 11/10/2014 Portfolio lifesaver
Apple is.
Well the UK stock market still having a wobble and Apple still finds great news to drip feed to us.
I wonder what Apple will do with all that cash being generated by the new iPhone?
They haven't successfully distributed or made a big hole in the cash they already have so all this cash coming in will have to be distributed to shareholders somehow.
Ichan has suggested tender offer.
We have new I pads on the 16th I think.
Apple tv to be opened up to other operators?
If the apple watch sells in big numbers that's more cash.
So some interesting times ahead, I expect some bold moves to attempt to return cash to shareholders next year from this big cash generator
By shareordie
8:55 11/09/2014 Re: Cashing in......
....as of 15.03 New York time yesterday, I am sad to report my reversion to merely being a git....who rather likes the look of the Apple Watch....

JG By johnnygibber
19:58 09/09/2014 Re: Cashing in......
I too topped up on COMS
Will be holding Apple till the new year By arborman
16:36 09/09/2014 Re: Cashing in......
Smug is fine !

Good Luck all ! And I mean it !

Coms.lse for me though I will investigate your suggestion By Fulchester
12:16 09/09/2014 Re: Cashing in......
......that's 4 whole days I've felt a smug git.......until this reaches $100.50 again .......


PS.VHYL is ticker for t'other place I put the dosh - I'm up £23.11 :-) By johnnygibber
9:49 02/09/2014 Re: 9th Sept spoiler Alert...
One of the many seeking alpha articles I read about Apple had a view that selling just before or on the 9th Sept. The theory went that on previous iphone launches, the SP does well up to launch but not so well after.

Good theory? We shall see. I'm not selling By Fulchester
23:41 01/09/2014 9th Sept spoiler Alert...
http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-08-28/apple-bets-iphone-magic-will-spill-over-to-wearables.html By arborman
11:27 23/08/2014 Guardian today
Interesting article in the Financial section.... including news that "Apple has scheduled a media event for 9th September and many expect it to unveil the new iPhone 6 with both 4.7" and 5.5" screens..." "Apple are aiming for the thinnest phone possible..." "The company was also helped by positive comments from activist investor Carl Ichan..."

Great end to the year for Apple IMHO By arborman
7:40 22/08/2014 Re: Cashing in......
you gotta take your profit while it's there mate, i am holding for a couple more months at least as in recent years Apple have announced and launched new products in September and October, so I am hoping they launch something wicked this Autumn too.
Good luck whatever you choose to do
By arborman
21:17 21/08/2014 Re: Cashing in......
Its a view JG - I'm holding from a tad lower.

But with all the new products in the pipeline, its worth a gamble unless.......

Your fund is a cracker...... more investigation methinks By Fulchester
12:53 21/08/2014 Cashing in......
As I've decided to take my 43.71% profit (plus divis), and drip it into a Vanguard global divi fund instead.

Normally I avoid looking at how my sells are doing - especially after flogging Telecom Plus @ £5 - but tough to do with Apple.....

Eeeeeh - nowt wrong wi' profit etc I'll be telling myself...as this flies past $200...


By johnnygibber
20:01 18/08/2014 $100
this week i reckon
then $110 by xmas By arborman
7:47 23/07/2014 Earnings look good to me

Nice growing cash pile,some new products to come.Very happy here By shareordie
10:09 21/07/2014 Re: Tickety Booh.....
Hi F

Yes - seeking alpha is a good 'un - opinions from all angles, not just raging bulls.

Not sure what the QPPSAG is - if its a Special Action Group full of those raging bulls, errr... then I'll stay clear for my own sanity :-)

JG By johnnygibber
21:30 19/07/2014 Re: Tickety Booh.....
Hi Johnny.
Do you subscribe to seeking alpha? It's free
I must have had 8 articles from them re AAPL.

Hope you're right about the products. Could be an interesting Autumn here.

Have you joined QPPSAG? Very positive re QPP

F By Fulchester