21:50 28/01/2014 Re: Results
Definitely Is a buying opportunity, but because they trade this to death in America it's hard to tell how low it will go and how fast it will snap back.
For a big company on a low rating the share price moves fast ,a lot faster than I thought it would when I bought in at 450 and 430. By shareordie
19:01 28/01/2014 Re: Results
Its just a buying opportunity By Fulchester
16:57 28/01/2014 Re: Results
Any excuse to short in America,
I am not convinced the wheels have come off the Apple cart yet! By shareordie
9:19 28/01/2014 Re: Results
Tim Cook: I would add, we've been selling with China Mobile for a week. Last week was best week we've ever had for activations in China. Incredible start. Only in 16 cities, projected to be 300 cities by end of the year. Comes after a new high water mark last q. Grew revenue by 31% last quarter. Strong sales on iPads, up 64% y/y, Mac up 28%, compares to tablet at 21% per IDC and a PC market contracting in greater China. We're proud of quarter in China.
5:13: $4.4 billion, up 19% y/y for iTunes and software/services. Strong growth in App Stores sales. Software and services was $2 billion, a new record despite giving away iWork. Deferred revenue was $11 billion.
5:20: Cash: $158.8 billion, up $12 billion q/q. $34.4 billion domestic, down 1.1 billion, 78% was off shore at end of quarter, cash flow from operations $27.2 billion. $5 billion share purchases.
Gene Munster: Previous quarters, you've talked about product categories, by end of 2014, is that on track?

Cook: Yes, absolutely, no change.

Munster follow up: New product categories, beyond 2014, as they ramp in 2015, what would you say?

Cook: I wouldn't answer that question. Innovation embedded here. World so full of complex products. We have 0 issues of coming up with stuff we want to do. Challenge is always focus to the very few that deserve our energy. We've always done that and we will continue to do that.

Just a few bits I have picked out as being important, the biggest thing is that china mobile is bringing very good results only in 16 cities and total will be 300 cities, more activations in china than ever in the first week,this is a very good deal that will increase sales at a eye watering pace in my book.
New products still in pipeline for before end of 2014.
Cash is still a good problem to have adding 12 billion a quarter will have to be dealt with,probably buy backs as this was still in favour,that's fine with me.
The iTunes store is increasing nicely.
All looks OK to me the china deal has just begun and will hold the fort until the new products come online in my opinion.
That cash will help buy backs and increased dividends.
By shareordie
8:39 28/01/2014 Results
http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-q1-earnings-2014-1 By shareordie
21:26 15/01/2014 The Charts
Look good for a push to 600 soon By arborman
8:26 25/12/2013 Re: China mobile
apple business with china mobile will put samsung to the
corner of the asian market but not enough. samsung have saturated the
large screen market for them-self and for apple it is just the beginning.
i see there is nowhere to run for apple competitors and the only
way is down for samsung,when the next iphone is going to be a large screen.
but ,if apple is going to release another small iphone like the 5s then
i can see this stock down to $350 and stay there until news come saying steve jobs
is found and alive in a secret lab of his. the next iphone will
determine the fate of this share, the contract with china mobile is not
enough to give the stock the real up push.

By happylemon
22:43 23/12/2013 Re: China mobile
w8en is the form for the 15% instead of 30%.
Staying here as this is very good news,China mobile deal will give a massive lift to sales.
Any new products will just be the cherry on the cake.
On top of this we have the nice growing income from the iTunes store. By shareordie
20:01 23/12/2013 Re: China mobile
That sounds about right. But I think I've missed the boat - following the recent rise - for now. By Richygm
19:46 23/12/2013 Re: China mobile
You can register with the US Tax Authorities as a foreign holder of US stock and I believe the tax is reduced from 30% to 15% deducted at source. No ISA concessions available. By Plantaginent
19:39 23/12/2013 Re: China mobile
£15 ish has landed in my HL income account in Mid November and mid August for my (wait for it) 8 share holding. After tax - if any?
By Fulchester
19:07 23/12/2013 Re: China mobile
How often and when does Apple pay a dividend, please, and is it, as I assume, subject to a with-holding tax for UK residents? By Richygm
17:13 23/12/2013 China mobile
Well finally confirmation of the big deal that Apple needed to take the stock back over $600
China mobile is the gateway to a huge market that apple knows will drive sales on all of their devises .
With news coming from retailers that tablet sales have been strong over X -mass and in 2014 new products will be launched that will open new revenue streams for me the only way is up in 2014.
In at $400-$450 I'm going nowhere buy on weakness. By jonathanhamme
14:58 07/12/2013 At this rate.....
with my 10 shares I'll be able to afford another 1 share in 4.3 years with the dividend. !!!!!

Unless I do an Icahn thing and try and force the board (with my 1 x 10-6 % holding ) to:

1. Perform a 100:1 stock split
2. Increase divi by 500%

I read that if a share price rises by 5 years dividend payments then sell.....this is a nice problem to have.......the greed monster in my heid is saying don't you dare fooking sell.

JG By johnnygibber
16:52 03/12/2013 China mobile
apple is certainly back in favour with brokers and investors alike and still looking like a value play into 2014 with new product releases in new and existing arenas.
the big news tho would / has been a Tie in with China mobile it is the big deal that will shoot us back to $650 .
Still holding from $450 only way is up

http://www.cnbc.com/id/101242085 By jonathanhamme