10:26 19/01/2018 Re: Q1 presentation
My post was somewhat facetious and tongue well and truly in cheek. The news flow from the company has always been pretty good in the past and the anticipation is mounting! I thought that some news would be a great way to celebrate new year! I have no doubt in my mind that all will be well with Sound.
9:07 19/01/2018 Re: Q1 presentation
I think that will be January 2018 rather than 18th January. Timescales are a little disappointing. Seems to indicate that our time may have to wait until 2019. I think that?s why the share price has drifted down. I still hold. Wouldn?t want to be out just in case something happens this year.
7:55 19/01/2018 Re: Q1 presentation
Jan 18: Tendrara final reserves report Is the postman running late?
14:07 15/01/2018 Q1 presentation
Q1 presentation now on Sound website. Newsflow isted as: Jan 18: Tendrara final reserves report ongoing to July 18: Tendrara 2D seismic Ongoing: Morocco consolidation 2018 Q1: Tendrara 1st CPR 2018 Q2: Tendrara 2nd CPR 2018 Q3: Tendrara 3rd CPR 2018 H1: Tendrara GSA secured (presumably GSA = Gas Sales Agreement) 2018 H1 Eastern Morocco Pipeline BOT secured Mid 2018 onwards: Eastern Morocco 3 well exploration programme 2018: Tendrara final investment decision on discovery. Looke like the first Tendrara well has been pushed back (on the boat BM said April but the above says 'mid 2018 onwards). Speculation on my part but will we be seeing the Saipem rig performing near Sidi before it drills in Tendrara?
14:30 14/01/2018 Re: Steady as she goes
Maybe one of the reasons behind the new found strength of the SP http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2018/01/13/dutch-quake-leaves-uk-gas-market-shaky-foundations/#comments GLA BF
10:48 12/01/2018 Re: Steady as she goes
Yes we appear to be breaking out of the range that we have been in since last autumn. What is next on the news front? Maybe some progress report on 2D or 3D seismic?
8:12 12/01/2018 57.5p
On moneyam Long while since we were above 55p
8:06 12/01/2018 Steady as she goes
Liking this new steady rise we are currently witnessing.
7:54 11/01/2018 Re: 2018
Sorry, guys. Busy cutting wood yesterday and then reading the latest on ECHO (see link on ECHO board), didn?t have chance to check in till later ;-)) TP Looking forward to news on all fronts. (And my CORO shares)
7:44 11/01/2018 Re: 2018
Thanks very much Cruncher for your timely response. Much appreciated Happy New Year WU
6:40 11/01/2018 Next Week
Should start to get our RNSs from next week onwards
21:08 10/01/2018 Re: 2018
WU, in TP?s temporary absence ... Approx 1 Coro share for each 5.5 Sound shares held at the record date (which I assume will be a date in the not too distant future).
16:34 10/01/2018 Re: 2018
Happy New Year to TP and all Could you please remind me of the qualification TP for CORO shares. Cheers WU
17:07 04/01/2018 Re: 2018
Still on, and still here! Good luck all, this could well be the year. I hope very much, and sincerely, to see lots of you at a SOU party upon a successful sale.
13:58 04/01/2018 Re: 2018
Sorry, forgot to add (doh!) that the #1 party is still on, isn?t it ?? TP