12:14 24/03/2017 Re: SP weakness
Thank you TP, I don't think I'm ramping either :) In fact I would go so far as to say I'm likely stating facts. What other reason is there for the sell? Visit the various BB's and the FB group and you will literally see people saying they are selling for that reason. The volume was far too low for any leaks to have got out. No I stand by my claim, and I'd likely do the same thing if I bought in at 10p and was nervous right before D-DAY. Nothing has changed fundamentally in a negative regard. In fact, Brain said last night they have encountered gas in the Paleozoic! F*k me that is huge! If it's commercial then it isn't ramping to highlight the very real upside. Tests still need to be done, and they are being very cautious because there is so much at stake here. Professional, not cautious if you ask me. Gas in TAGI sands, Gas in Paleozoic No no, I'm not ramping. The project is ever so slightly more de-risked than it was when the SP was 97p! The sp is at a 12% discount from last week's price, and still further de-risked. Strong buy muahahaha. GLA DYOR blah blah.
9:57 24/03/2017 Top-up time
Last nights presentation sounds from reports on LSE to have been positive, and Brian stated that TE8 results RNS is anticipated mid next week. Have sold elsewhere to top up this morning (the 31611 purchase is mine). Now 100% into SOU, it's all to play for (towards end game and sale of the company) as the current price still substantially undervalues the current resources, regardless of TE8 outcome. I am anticipating that the TAGI will be another big success as the team confidently implied at the Gherkin presentation last time, and if the gas show from the Palaeozoic turns out to be commercial as well then BOOM! Onwards and from next week upwards....
9:25 24/03/2017 Re: Ramping
Maru stands accused of ramping. I beg to differ...he's just enthusiastic ! As are many of us. TP
9:03 24/03/2017 Ramping
Many of us remember Bricktycon posting the 'billion dollar upside' nonsense - It was fun at the time and pinch of salt stuff. For me, someone 'ramping' is kind of comforting and a source of hope. But nothing more. Most of us are pretty clueless until the hard facts are released via RNS etc Then we have to make informed decisions. And only then. Just like I did with XEL. My small investment there was in no way influenced by any 'ramping' poster. It was based on my own interpretation of what I thought prospects were etc As indeed it has been with Sound. Far as I'm concerned folks, ramp (or deramp) as much as you like. Sound is my biggest investment and I think it has phenomenal prospects (ramp). In fact, the billion dollar upside is just about..
7:12 24/03/2017 Re: SP weakness
BGM. More fool you if you listened to the persistent anonymous bulletin board rampers. There is only one way to make money in this game....DYOFR. Good luck with your future investments. TP Still with my SOU shares intact !
20:30 23/03/2017 Re: SP weakness
Hey Maru, Although I hope you're right and I have a significant holding in SOU, I would caution you from ramping in your posts like you have been. Constant sunny news and thoughts is not for the investing game and take it from me personally having lost a lot of money in the disaster that was XEL that rampers can cost you a hell of a lot more money than derampers.
16:35 23/03/2017 SP weakness
All this is is investors who have banked large paper profits who are getting cold feet right before the big news. A lot of them don't want to see paper profits wiped out so are trimming their holdings that's all it is. Just means anyone buying in now will be able to pick up 10% more shares than last week.
15:45 23/03/2017 Re: Te8 and badile
GB, Badile results will be very much later - late May / early June.- than TE-8. JP said TE-8 pressure testing would take 5 days - can they do all 5 wirelog testing at the same time or will they be consecutive? either way we'll get initial results well before Badile.
15:29 23/03/2017 Re: Te8 and badile
Hopefully they are waiting for the new tax year so we can all ISA some.
15:14 23/03/2017 Te8 and badile
Just can't stop wondering if sound are playing a slight waiting game with the te8 results and if they are not what they hoped for then, the news will be released at same time badile to temper the drop in the share price. I hope I am wrong and that both wills are what we have hoped for.
14:33 23/03/2017 Re: RNS Today
Surely it's buy on rumour, sell on news ?? Whatever. No point trying to read things into what is really just a factual statement.....gas shows....loggging....result. Don't know why peeps just can't wait and see. Whatever the results of te-8, it is just a means of testing the boundaries of what is a sizeable gas field. The main event is yet to come. TP
14:30 23/03/2017 Re: RNS Today
I am not sure how much you can read into the RNS, but I don't think you forewarn of a non-commercial gas discovery by calling it a "positive initial indication".
13:27 23/03/2017 Re: RNS Today
it sounds like (excuse the pun) they could well be attempting to forewarn of a non commercial gas discovery... ''The Company confirms that it has observed further gas shows during subsequent drilling operations, but cautions that logging has not yet occurred and that gas shows, although a positive initial indication, should not be considered conclusive without further wireline logging and analysis.'' I could of course be completely wrong but lets put this another way... folks have already made some tidy profits on this share buying on previous good news days so why take the risk on a red or black outcome... lets be honest... nothing ever goes up in a straight line... and... a profit is only a profit when its realised and banked... [-o< sell on rumour buy on news 9 from 10 thou should not lose TVOR... :-x
8:03 23/03/2017 Re: RNS Today
We like? I do. For an appraisal well, this seems to be great news, no?! "Testing liquids"!!! Could we infer condensate in the Paleozoic? Just like my dream a few weeks ago (ha ha)!!!
8:00 23/03/2017 Re: RNS Today
Agreed dronaig, it's looking like TE8 is exactly as they hoped and predicted. Fingers crossed. They have to be very careful what they put out in the RNs's before they have fully tested, especially with this magnitude, but the hints are there and this could be very exciting.