12:23 17/01/2017 The fast show
Fast you are definitely not. FIFTEEN GRANDS WORTH, locked in, forgotten about for four years! Followed by requests for advice on here....You should change your nom de plume to something more appropriate...... I'must not a rude person so I won't make any suggestions. It appears you have been very lucky and if you have indeed scored 40k plus from a 15k investment without even realizing it then I would suggest that investing on AIM may not be for you. In my humble opinion I would take the "gift horses present", cash in my initial investment at the very least and then keep a careful eye on the remainder. I'm certain you will be rewarded by the end of 2017. Nothing is a dead certainty, SOU is a close thing though, BUT with Trump due to move into the Whitehouse I would expect the unexpected and bank whatever I could, whilst I have it. I did some off the cuff maths over Christmas and calculated that every single penny I have in SOU is clear profit whilst looking at a 321% upside. Good luck with your investment which ever way you decide to go and welcome back. :m :m B_B
4:30 17/01/2017 Happy Days
As 1 rig comes down another goes up. Looking forward to imminent news and TE7 rig on its way to TE8
19:00 16/01/2017 Re: Webcam
Took the words right out of my mouth L2. Lots of 'moving out' activity going on at Tendrara And lots of 'moving in' ctivity at Badile Results from EWT due soon, as you say, and spudding Badile news also just around the corner. TP
15:58 16/01/2017 Webcam
Flare has been shut in. News this week regarding EWT imo
10:17 16/01/2017 Re: Forgotten shares
You gave me a good laugh. If you forgot about these then well done youve made some decent money as you must have considered the original stake as a loss. If you need the money then sell, if you dont but want to mitgate risk then sell the original stake. If you live and breath sound like many of us on here have doen for the last 4+ years then you would sell one share, as the best is still to come. Im holding approx 800K GBP and am not selling antime soon, my biggest issue is working an exit price, but ill tell you AFTER ive sold :-)
7:40 16/01/2017 Holding
7:20 16/01/2017 Re: Forgotten shares
It's there all right last time I opened the acount was in 2012 iii amended my account so I must have bought over 500k of shares I invested 15 k I am now looking at over 40k wow right what next so why should I hold ? Any good reason 's presently?
7:09 16/01/2017 Re: Forgotten shares
Go visit the Sound website all you need to know is there. Regarding your shares the relevant changes will have been done automatically following the consolidation. When you gain access to them again what you see is what you get
6:41 16/01/2017 Re: Forgotten shares
Is there a chance that iii amended my purchase automatically? If so this looks like a good day . What's going on with this company totally out of the loop why are they a hold briefly? :) thank 's again
6:32 16/01/2017 Re: Forgotten shares
There was a consolidation of 10:1 in January 2013, so from the way I see it you may have made a purchase @ 2.5p which would give you now a price of 25p for a tenth of the shares you purchased. Whatever the case as fils386 says you are still 300% up on the deal, and if you do a bit of reading on the Sound website I think you will quickly come to the same conclusion many here have. I had a very similar experience with Dragon Oil way back in the mists of time, before you could trade on line. GLAH and can't wait for the results of the EWT, which from my calculations would be due 2nd Feb if they run the full 70 days.
3:08 16/01/2017 Re: Forgotten shares
If you bought in 2011 then you didn't buy at 25p. I bought a shed load in 2011 and the most I paid was 6.30p share price in Feb 2011 was around 2.5p so you still may be in profit. Post consolidation your holding will be one tenth of what you bought in 2011 but you should be 300% up at todays price. As others have sais best hold on to what you have got for a little while longer good luck with your investment.
21:36 15/01/2017 Forgotten shares
Gees guys the guys got a point thanks for your help I do appreciate it came as a bit of a shock however the shares where bought in 2011 so I'm afraid it's not going to be good news . Thanks again for your help I guess unfortunately I'm not gonna get my dell boy moment 😀
19:03 15/01/2017 Re:
Tfs, you've had 3 or 4 helpful (as I see it) replies to your question (particularly off the lip)..and on a Sunday too ! Least you could do is say 'thanks'
16:13 15/01/2017
I have 58908 pieces of stock which I paid 25.5 pence for each however I can't honestly say when I got them I was with e trade at the time but they changed to td waterhouse and I lost interest and forgot about them I guess all I can do is wait until the broker opens in the morning and retrieve my paswords and account name
14:57 15/01/2017 Re: Help please
Your shares might only worth a tenth of that because there was a 10 to 1 shares consolidation at the beginning of 2013 see RNS: http://www.soundenergyplc.com/investors/regulatory-news/rns-announcement/13503019 It depends on whether you bought before or after the share consolidation. If you paid 25p then it would appear that you bought after the consolidation so it really is worht #42k, well done!!