18:25 21/02/2017 20 Bidders for refinery!!
20 Bidders for the SAMIR Refinery - Morocco ... https://www.moroccoworldnews.com ? 2... 1 day ago - February 20, 2017 , 12:20 pm. 20 Bidders for the SAMIR Refinery. Rabat ? About twenty investors showed interests in buying the SAMIR refinery ...
18:17 21/02/2017 Re: Far away in another galaxy
EHW, You've missed out the third casing point. Gerry certainly went out on a limb. Wasn't there something about a canoe not being able to reach a site in the dry season, or am I misremembering. We struck gold when JP joined as CFO, and engineered a coup to take over as CEO. Buffy
16:55 21/02/2017 Offshore Benchmark
This was just posted to the Investors facebook group. Nice little guesstimate of what sound might be worth. http://oilprice.com/Energy/Natural-Gas/This-Oil-Major-Just-Announced-A-Groundbreaking-Asset-Sale.html Time to get my trusty calculator out.
14:37 21/02/2017 Far away in another galaxy
Gerry Orbell was in charge and I had a modest holding and made a small profit. Everything hinged on Indonesia and Badile and dillution seemed a weekly event. I sold and made a mistake of BLVN and managed to average my way out with a small loss in comparrison but still hold a few there until after COC have finished. I am back in the AIM company of 2016 with an intial 10,000 golden tickets after letting the dust settle following the OGIF deal, reasoning as follows:- Badile spud - Next 10 days (ish) - 30p share best case - Results June (ish) T8 - 1st casing point - 25/02 (ish) T8 - 2nd casing point - 19/03 (ish) T8 - TD and side track - 02/04 (ish) T8 - sidetrack ends - 01/05 (ish) T8 to prove up a minimum of 1.5TCF or #1.25 per share at a modest 0.83 per TCF T1 & T2 re-entry to prove up additional 5.5 TCF or #4.58 per share at a modest 0.83p per TCF Paleozaic if proven 31 TCF or #25.73 per share at a modest 0.83p per share - 60 million scuffs per day at $7 per scuff is beyond comprehension Then there is Sidi & Meridja to play for but doubt they will be played before sell off. Gas is the new black. Will be buying more on the dips until I reach 50000. Target set for an average of 85p and note a big support of a tad over 79p for the dips. DYOR and wait for "many many multiples" in just 1-2 years.
19:39 20/02/2017 Re: Nice top up
Happy with my top up @ 88p,wanted to increase my holding, if it dips again below 85 will top up again, the increased area for exploration with OGIF around the Meridja, l believe will pave the way for the future sale of sounds assets to a global player.
17:59 20/02/2017 Re: Nice top up
I dare it to drop more. I get to pick up more shares in a company that is de risking by the day.
14:28 20/02/2017 Nice top up
Just added some more, sit back and wait for the rise 👍
13:12 20/02/2017 Re: Dilution and stop
Malcys blog gives a bit of coverage to Sounds news today. The most important part (because the first bit is just repeating the news) is the final part of his section on Sound. Being close to the O&G industry, his opinion is valuable. If he thinks we are getting a good deal as shareholders, then I agree with him !! http://www.malcysblog.com/2017/02/oil-price-sound-energy-lekoil-president-velocys-finally/ Reagards, TP
11:37 20/02/2017 Re: Dilution and stop
Not sure if my views are any use on here - there are many who know a great deal more about SOU than I do. I'm a relatively new entrant (a few months ago when the SP was around 70p; it took me a while to decide if I was going to stay around or not - I decided I was so have since added). I only ever buy for the longer term. Investors usually tend to see share issues of the kind announced today as dilutive, but this is to look at the situation on one a dimensional basis only - the number of shares in issue. It fails to take into account the value whatever "asset", be it NAV in the case of shares issue for cash or perhaps creating a situation that will pay higher returns in the longer term, adds as a result of issuing the additional shares. Sometimes the value is intangible and not immediately capable of financial measurement. 1+1 can sometimes add up to more like 3. I sense there is an underlying confidence in Management that the Moroccan assets are hugely significant. I can't get much of a feel for what's in Italy and in any event, having been on the wrong end of fundamentally dishonest Italian ministers and politicians in the past - they're all hypocrites and cheats - via a big (for me) holding in MOG and a more recent (but now disposed of) more modest holding in RKH, I wouldn't generally touch any oil and gas company with significant Italian interests with a barge pole. In this case I take the view that if Badile eventually pays off, it will be more like a bonus. The key thing for SOU to me, having discovered and progressed Tendrara to the stage it's at - and with the prospect of the asset/s being proved up to levels anticipated by those in the know - is for there to be a clear path to production, with no-one able to hold SOU over a barrel over the funding such a big project. Joining in a major provider of funds - and one where 'national interest' is likely to be a significant consideration - to the action via a significant ownership stake in SOU (which is playing above its absolute size level with the likes of Sclumberger on the scene) seems a smart move to me. I've always preferred the 60% of something is better than 100% of nothing approach to business and wish I'd spotted a lot sooner that the directors of a NS oilco that recently went down with so many on board had subscribed to the latter and not the former. Happily, another oilco has come to my rescue and I'm hoping SOU will make it a double. GLA
11:36 20/02/2017 Re: Total is looking ?
Hasn't anyone told them not to bother as Sound has found it all :))
11:25 20/02/2017 Re: Total is looking ?
Total isn't the only one: http://northafricapost.com/16407-qatar-petroleum-explore-oil-gas-morocco.html Qatar Petroleum specifically looking at Morocco for gas exploration.
11:14 20/02/2017 Re: Dilution and stop
If you go back to the announcement of 19 January 2017 the details were all given at that time, so I have no idea why the SP has fallen this morning. This is old news confirmed. The announcement that drilling has started on TE-8 is spot on the target date given in January. I have no concerns and hopefully this morning's drop in SP will correct itself by the end of the day. Have faith, I am sure that all is well in the safe hands of James!
11:06 20/02/2017 Re: Total is looking ?
TO SATISFY INCREASING ENERGY DEMAND, TOTAL IS COUNTING ON NATURAL GAS The world?s population is increasing and meeting its growing energy needs requires abundant and accessible energy. Total knows that this reality is complicated by the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a commitment we have undertaken for over ten years. We are meeting this challenge by increasing the development of natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel. In 2015, Total produced almost as much gas (47%) as oil (53%)1. Our aim is to increase the proportion of gas in our oil and gas mix to over 60% in 20 years. Not all the write up as iPad playing me up or it maybe me as not good at this. S
11:01 20/02/2017 Total is looking ?
Natural gas: a clean and accessible energy - Total UK www.total.uk ? worldwide-projects ? sati... Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a primary objective for Total. To achieve this, the Group is developing the production and transportation of natural gas. We had a delivery from total on the webcam maybe it's a clue ? JP no Kieth lemon thanks and the key hole game ! S
9:01 20/02/2017 Re: While we wait
Well I'm staying put and if funds can be found I will make another buy ! Mad no I listened to the Gerkin message and our cornerstone invester Marco. I think he said the best team he had met and the deal is great. So up,down and sideways the sp may go,but I'm holding my golden tickets tight gla. S