9:35 23/01/2015 Re: Reduced weighting
Well today I am glad I am still holding and will continue to invest into the rise should it continue as part of my ISA. Have just checked and to date this is the only share I have only bought in my portfolio and not sold. Maybe take this back next week or month but for now this is as good as it has ever got for me. Great company, great direction and continued rise for 99p.
CL By Chicken Lips
16:08 20/01/2015 Re: Reduced weighting
H Boring Bernie,

Thanks for comments.

>>loathe to sell - I have been feeling like that for a while ie held 3.5yrs but last 6 months!!

Decided to reduce further today this morning at 2.545 which also banked 165% gain which left us with free shares and decent dividend. Feel better for banking that paper profit.

Will not stop me trading on top of holding on any serious pullback in the general market although LGEN seems to only give back anything between 25p-40p because well managed company.

13:25 20/01/2015 Re: Reduced weighting
250p+ looks a bit toppy to me, but I've got a long-term holding here which I'm loathe to sell, however I'm thinking about reducing a bit and selling the shares I bought when the markets got jittery on the goverments change of plan on annuities.

Anything above 270p pre-results due in March and I've promised myself I'll take some profits


By Boring Bernie
22:09 19/01/2015 Re: Reduced weighting
Still holding my main holding. I think I was in initially at around 99p but did not trust my instinct to go larger, as the SP and others Yo Yo'd.My instinct is that L&G is a solid investment for the next few years and I have continued to invest in my ISA. It is the biggest part of my portfolio by a long way, but not too worried. I think taking a profit at such a big increase is tempting and makes sense, but I haven't as yet got other options. CL By Chicken Lips
19:47 19/01/2015 Reduced weighting
I sold some of these this am after holding for 3.5 yrs which had risen 148% and became quite a weighting in overall portfolio so decided to reduce one position.

Although, breaking out into new highs is very positive decided to bring the % weighting down and bank profits leaving some free shares collecting near 8% dividend.

Anyone else with a view.

23:26 07/01/2015 new upgrade
upgrade to 190 ftom Berenberg.
so should march forward now! By peddlar
11:50 28/12/2014 Re: L&G Buy Nomura in Todays Guardian
I think it should have a good year but I'll wait for it to come down again before buying some more By Basil Loftus
20:36 11/12/2014 L&G Buy Nomura in Todays Guardian
Legal & General is leading the FTSE 100 after a positive note from Nomura and the results of a regulatory study into the annuity market.


The Financial Conduct Authority proposed changes to the market, saying competition was not working to give customers the best deal. But with this year’s Budget announcement that there should no longer be a requirement to buy an annuity, the FCA said people will get more choice, and its study found no widespread evidence of mis-selling.

Meanwhile Nomura raised its rating on L&G - up 3.9p at 245.2p - from neutral to buy, saying:

L&G was a relative early mover in focusing on cash, which was precipitated by the financial crises and a consequent cut in the dividend. Since 2009, L&G has increased the dividend by 25% per annum. We believe L&G is well placed to carry on this trend.

We also believe the market is under-appreciating the strong operational momentum at the group. We believe L&G’s market-leading position in bulk annuities is a differentiator, where we see strong growth. Meanwhile, other segments should also see good growth such as protection and L&G Capital, while Legal & General Investment Management should remain stable. By Chicken Lips
7:54 06/11/2014 Re: Blimey!

"the change in personal annuities isn't going to have as big an effect as might have been feared."

LGEN seem to be doing brilliantly in hoovering up the buyouts of closed defined benefit schemes. I don't have a handle on how profitable that is likely to be for LGEN down the road, or how much it's going to save the companies whose pension trustees go down the "get rid of the risk" route to the likes of LGEN. It slightly smells of a zero sum game, so the margins must be tightish.

I'm sure that personal annuities will make a comeback at some stage, and LGEN will be at the forfront of companies providing 'em. They were only ever unpopular because they were such a ripoff (from the perspective of the individual punter rather than that of the annuity supplier!). The concept remains eminently sensible however, indeed I view my equities as an annuity, albeit one intended to last in perpetuity rather than one linked just to one lifespan.

It's often seemed to me that the annuity companies' emphasis on the need to switch gradually from equities to bonds as one slides into dotage involves them talking their own book at the expense of the dotards, given the long term outperformance of equities relative to bonds ... albeit I recognise that one can have a nasty sudden slide in equity prices from time to time.

LKH on the flybridge By LK Hyman
7:41 06/11/2014 Re: Blimey!

" a rather good investment - especially in March 2009."

I haven't forgotten your success then! (I think I just sat it out in 2009 .... certainly didn't big up on LGEN, as I should have done, given 20/20 hindsight).

" offsets the losers."

I've just managed to lose 10% (of 3% or thereabouts) by going into Tesco at 192, thinking it was oversold, and then chickening out when the serious farce office clumped in. Ah well, never mind. I stuck the shrunken proceeds into more Renishaw, which seems a fine Blighty engineering company. As an arts man meself I admire engineers, especially those who can make a brain surgery robot in Gloucestershire ... or is it in Wales?

LKH on the flybridge By LK Hyman
15:50 05/11/2014 Re: Blimey!

Yes, a rather good investment - especially in March 2009.

Cheers, RAC

P.S. Just as well - offsets the losers. By RAConnell
12:17 05/11/2014 Re: Blimey!
While the numbers weren't totally unexpected, they were still decent and kind of confirm that the change in personal annuities isn't going to have as big an effect as might have been feared.

Fair value is probably anywhere between 200 and 250p and the chances are, that unless the management drop a b^llock that'll continue to move up at between 10 and 15% per annum over the next few years

If the sp overheats I'll probably take some profits, but I've been saying that for a few years now and it hasn't happened yet.

BB By Boring Bernie
15:26 04/11/2014 Re: Blimey!
Gawd love us, strike a light, how's yer father, and many others. My best investment: first bought 30,000 at 33.5p in the dark days.

Av doing well too. Put more into Aviva, but lesser return. Nevertheless, potential...........? By ookyfly
9:06 04/11/2014 Re: Blimey!
Could it get much better?? My biggest holding, was starting to waiver a little with SP flatline, but blimey is a good word for it.

CL By Chicken Lips
7:36 04/11/2014 Blimey!
I shall be very disappointed if these stonking interim results do not produce a nice uplift when Mr Market opens.

I wish I had more LGEN.

LKH on the flybridge 2% By LK Hyman