20:51 03/05/2016 Re: lgen dividend record day
Not sure why people are still querying the L&G SP drop. As I will stated last week Insurers do drop when the Ft100 drops, thats what usually happens and that's what is happening now to L&G.
16:52 03/05/2016 Re: lgen dividend record day
I'd venture the thought that the majority of the drop has already taken place Although further marginal drops may take place up to brexit I can't help feeling that if the price falls to 200/210p the fundamentals make it a stonking buy for recovery into the autumn and year end
16:36 03/05/2016 Re: lgen dividend record day
In fact I have just check I am #2 away from dipping under 2K profit. Even with the dividend its not looking good. I am currently reinvesting all dividends in ISA CL
16:31 03/05/2016 Re: lgen dividend record day
Think this along with other financials is going to come under more pressure towards Brexit. The panic button is being hovered over. Some strong downward pressure that has little chance of upward trend until Euro vote. Considering selling down, my profit is now down under 3K, a considerable drop from the peak and getting smaller. Any good news or does this even matter in the current market? Cant see it. Everything is a risk at the moment even good news. CL
12:41 03/05/2016 Re: lgen dividend record day
Mr Return, "Do you have any ideas why LGEN is sliding?" Perhaps it is foretelling a general slide in the market which would, presumably, affect LGEN badly given its massive AUM? Personally I'm thinking of buying more LGEN. That strong balance sheet, strong asset management business, strong pensions business, and the robust common sense that Nigel talks, backed up with LGEN's capital, about building infrastructure in Blighty all reson8e well with LKH on the flybridge currently only 2% of wad in LGEN .... should be mebbe 4%
11:54 03/05/2016 Re: lgen dividend record day
No, it did not turn out that well so far. 9.95 Pence Dividend is bagged but I did not expect LGEN to drop below 226 which it has, now standing at 221.60. Sliding still. Dividend yield is slightly above 6% now. Which seems very attractive?! I have not seen any negative news yet. In case of Brexit I would assume that LGEN faires relatively better than the overall market since the investments it manages are very long term and the pension payments are drip fed. Do you have any ideas why LGEN is sliding? Perhaps investors do not wish to wait a year for 6% dividend yield?
17:56 29/04/2016 Re: Wow
Coldingham, "looking at the price hikes BT has announced today, is that the way to go instead?" Dunno, m8, I'm afraid. My knowledge of telecomms isn't any greater than it is of banks, though I do have a few VOD shares. I would have thought that BT is more likely to suffer from regulatory headwinds than LGEN but that's just a wild guess. LKH on the flybridge
14:21 29/04/2016 Re: Wow
LKH "If they can't make a bob or two....attractive yield...then..." Exactly what I said before divng in. Trouble was my splash was made at 268p. Look what's happened since then The question is, if they get down to 200p or thereabouts by St Ledger's day, shall I have another go Or, looking at the price hikes BT has announced today, is that the way to go instead?
14:16 29/04/2016 Re: Impressive CEO
Well thanks!
11:46 29/04/2016 Re: Wow
Kryptes, "aren't you the chappie ..." Not guilty so far as Lloyds is concerned but, yes, I ... or rather Mrs LKH's Sipp ... was comprehensively reamed by RBS. Don't think she lost as much as 99% ('cos I retrieved some of the loss by selling some unpaid rights issue shares if memory serves) but yeah, I got RBS horribly wrong. Have steered clear of bank shares ever since and not regretted it for a moment. I think my logic with RBS was that one should have a bank in a diversified portfolio and RBS looked like the best one at the time I plunged into it. Mistake. Biiiiig mistake. May Fred Goodwin for ever burn in Dante's seventh circle of Hades. However LGEN looks different [cries of "it was ever thus, LK!"]. Chust look at the ginormous amounts of wonga that LGEN has under management. Blimey, if they can't make a bob or two out of that, sufficient to justify its relatively modest market cap and attractive yield, then it's a pretty sorry state of affairs. LKH on the flybridge
9:50 29/04/2016 Re: Share buy & long
Hi I`ve decided to re enter SB long @ 224.72. No idea if right, I don`t use stops, have not yet placed a limit close but looking for about + 8 or 10 in time. Almost tempted to add to my 1 tranche share buy. ATB soi
9:29 29/04/2016 Re: Wow
Unless there is some news can't see an up in the short term. Not even sure news will make much impact. Worth keeping an eye on over next few days. My main holding, so any dip is painful. I was about 1ok ahead at one stage this is now down to just under 3k - obviously much is following the fuse down, not sure its followed it back up again. The financial sector has not recovered, and with Brexit Its doesn't help L&G case CL
7:52 29/04/2016 Re: Wow
But aren't you the chappie who told us Lloyds Bank was a high yielding, safe, well run company into which we should shove our money? When the shares were over #6 (now 68p). And who did even worse on RBS and lost 99% or something like that?
16:20 28/04/2016 Re: Wow
Chicken Lips, "Wow thats a bit more than I bargained for." All but tuppence of today's fall is down to the xd effect. Anyone looking for a high yielding, safe, well run company which is hugely important to Blighty would do well, my humble, to stash away a bit of wedge in LGEN. RAConnell owns it which is surely reason enough for the little people to pile in at what looks like a bargain basement price. LKH on the flybridge owns it too
13:41 28/04/2016 Re: lgen dividend record day
Well that didn't turn out so well did it.....