8:33 30/06/2016 The Times's Tempus Tips L&G
The Times's Tempus wrote. Shares of Legal&General and Aviva looked oversold and offered solid balance sheets and healthy forward dividend yields, Tempus said. The first to caution of the blindingly obvious was Aviva, on Monday. In a 'nut-shell', the firm said the fall-out from the financial crisis in no way threatened balance sheets - which just in the spring were thought to reflect management teams erring on the side of caution. It was followed on Tuesday by Legal&General, which pointed out that its Solvency II coverage ratio - which measured the difference between what was in the bank and potential liabilities - stood at 156% as of Monday night. "It will be a bit better again after yesterday?s recovery. It would take a pretty extraordinary market collapse to see it fall even to the unofficial target that L&G is reckoned to have of 140%, let alone approach the danger zone," the tipster added. Furthermore, the company highlighted that the dividend income was in no way at risk. Indeed, the forward dividend yield was still a healthy 8.0%. Like Aviva, the shares looked oversold, so 'Buy' was the advice from Tempus. http://www.digitallook.com/news/tips-round-up-premium/wednesday-newspaper-share-tips-redrow-legalgeneral-aviva--1229750.html
15:26 29/06/2016 worth a read
13:39 29/06/2016 Re: Maybe I've got it wrong but....
Same here...my average before today was 220 but I bought 10k this afternoon as 181. Deecent price I think and if they can keep the dividend yield where it is I'll be doubly laughing.
11:47 29/06/2016 Maybe I've got it wrong but....
Nice move up again today, and hopefully more to go. I bought at 195 on Friday so am still a bit underwater. IMO this is a well capitalised, well run and profitable company which has been side-swiped by being an ?asset manager?. At some point asset managers will, I guess, have to restructure their operations to cope with whatever Brexit demands of them eg they may have to set up subsidiaries in Europe (if they don't already have them) and possibly move people to work in Europe. But in the end they will just do whatever they need to in order to continue doing busines and for a big company this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Today 29/6 the market as a whole seems to have just woken up to the fact that nothing has really changed since before the Brexit vote (well except for the drop in the pound and the political chaos) but in terms of day to day business operations I suspect that nothing much has changed and probably won't for the best part of 2 years. So the mega drop in the value of this stock is not justified IMO and is in the process of recovering. So maybe I've got it all wrong, but I feel that I've got LGEN at a bargain price (even at 195) and will be holding.
20:28 28/06/2016 Re: overdone?
Definitely overdone (IMO). There's a long way to go before Article 50 is enacted (September?). So the market will remain twitchy for some time yet, and these could well go a lot lower. But who cares? Just keep dipping in to the lower prices and enjoy those fat divs which hopefully will not reduce, although LGEN's cover is already a bit on the low side. which is a concern Been buying LGEN and AV. since Friday, and will keep accumulating on days of notable market weakness. AT
15:47 28/06/2016 Re: Today's Update from L
Thought we`d pop more than this given a good update this morning on cash generation and solvency
12:14 28/06/2016 Re: Today's Update from L
Like the fact a new leader has been announced, only hope conservatives do the same quickly. I think the fundamentals are sound so have bought a few of these and already in strong profit.
11:41 28/06/2016 Re: The People Have Spoken
Think he thought he'd be in a coalition and putting this in his manifesto would give him a bargaining chip to be surrendered
10:32 28/06/2016 Re: The People Have Spoken
Well he shouldn't have asked the question then !
10:26 28/06/2016 Re: The People Have Spoken
Pretty sure Cameron already knows that BREXIT is all wrong..... Wonder how long we can delay invoking Article 50??
10:24 28/06/2016 Today's Update from L&G
I find today's statement from LGEN quite reassuring and I am tempted to increase my holding. Anyone out there who has read it? Agrees or disagrees? Glad to hear. STRONG CAPITAL AND CASH GENERATION, RESILIENT ASSET PORTFOLIO
8:36 28/06/2016 Re: overdone?
Luckily that worked. I sold the lot again. Tonight Cameron will announce absolutely nothing to calm the markets. I think of buying back 1.50-1.65. Let' s see how long volatility will continue for i.e. When will Things get clearer? Labour and Conservatives in pieces, Nigel on vacation somewhere? EU getting increasingly dissatisfied with UK seemingly playing games.
7:43 28/06/2016 Re: The People Have Spoken
The people have been conned and misled.. If Cameron returns from Brussels tonight empty handed, lets hope he will realise that this BREXIT is all wrong, and we should hold the Article 50 ticket back, and give the EU a 3 year stay of execution to get there house in order. If they don't, then our next general election would be the time to decide whether we really should pull the trigger. Remember, it is becoming blindingly obvious that a number of other EU countries are not happy with al this immigration, and the fact that the EU model just doesn't work.. and the EURO itself needs radical reform. Can the EU respond to all this and put its house in order...thats the real question.
21:27 27/06/2016 Re: The People Have Spoken
Eagerbeaver, I agree that currency depreciation is an important factor in share values, but it can work in their favour if you are lucky. If you hold shares or funds in US or Japanese companies, the depreciation of the pound will have given you a boost in the past 2 days. There are too many financial companies such as banks and insurance. They are very inefficient and rely on swindling the general public by such means as PPI and Lloyds bonds to make a profit. Brexit is a kick in the balls to them, and those that remain standing will eventually provide an efficient public service and real value, as do utilities, resources and pharmaceuticals. The falling pound will help those that export.
17:25 27/06/2016 Re: overdone?
It's overdone in my view. Do people still need life insurance, actually the new rules on pensions means a lot more insurance is needed. Perhaps it's the fall in stocks but don't they manage risk as standard practice. Anyway bought lots in different tranches, didn't expect these low prices.