17:43 04/11/2015 NEW ARTICLE: Legal & General overcomes pension pain
"LSE:LGEN:Legal & General continued its recovery from the late summer sell-off with a decent set of third-quarter numbers. And it looks very much like a record year is on the cards, which should underpin the juicy dividend and a prospective yield ..."

http://www.iii.co.uk/articles/275739/legal-general-overcomes-pension-pain By II Editor
16:22 04/11/2015 Hargreaves Lansdown view
http://www.hl.co.uk/shares/share-research/201511/l-and-g-strong-cash-generation-continues?utm_source=Silverpop&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=E00RN&utm_content=Share%20research&theSource=E00RN&Override=1 By IOMINVESTCOM
9:08 04/11/2015 3rd quarter
problem is to know how profits and dividends are impacted. Like the compoany but hard to interpret their results except when it is dividend time. By tejo
7:27 04/11/2015 3rd quarter
A nice set of figures.
everything on upside.Maybe a good divi increase in pipeline.
should hold up now.

did sell a trance as they were a little shaky some weeks back. By peddlar
9:44 19/10/2015 Re: info
Bought in last week at 245

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Settlement Date: 16 October 2015

Following your instruction, we have bought on your behalf
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22:33 18/10/2015 info
shares mag buy via Alliance Trust

Legal & General’s US move

Defined benefit deals to boost revenues
Mark Dunne

Life insurer and wealth manager Legal & General’s (LGEN) entry into the US bulk annuity market is set to boost its revenues after individual annuity sales in the UK have plummeted in the past 18 months.

The insurer is tapping the market for companies looking to de-risk their pension schemes by getting rid of their liabilities and the associated risks.

The defined benefit (DB) market in the US is worth $9.7 trillion compared to $2.4 trillion in the UK’s de-risking market, according to analysts at RBC Capital Markets. Despite this difference UK bulk transactions in 2014 were more than double those in the US.

This is the result of UK companies being required to put a pension scheme deficit on their balance sheet. There is no such requirement in the US, but RBC’s analysts believe this will change.

Legal & General wrote its first bulk annuity in the US, for a subsidiary of conglomerate Royal Philips (PGH:NYSE), earlier this month (2 Oct). It is believed that the group took on £300 million of the subsidiary’s liabilities.

RBC expects Legal & General’s DB business in the US to add £3 million to the group’s pre-tax earnings in 2015. This should grow to £85 million by 2021. The analysts increase their revenue forecasts by 7% in 2017 and business profit estimates by 2.7% for the same year.

The group is now writing business outside of the European Union’s Solvency II regime, meaning that it will not have to hold cash in reserve against its potential liabilities in this market.

Legal & General’s main competition in the US comes from Prudential (PRU) and MetLife (MET:NYSE). Any company looking to move into the US will have to secure 49 licenses – one from each state – to write new business.

Legal & General is also believed to be looking at entering the DB markets of Canada and the Netherlands.

Shares says: BUY "A good move following the UK’s pension revolution which has seen individual annuity sales plummet in the past 18 months."

By forwardloop
7:36 07/08/2015 L&G well placed for long-term growth
L&G well placed for long-term growth
Insurer Legal & General (LGEN) is differentiating itself from its peers and has the ability to take more market share and deliver long-term growth.

Berenberg analyst Matthew Preston retained his ‘buy’ recommendation and increased his target price from 290p to 310p following first-half results. Shares in Legal & General were trading at 275.4p yesterday, up 4.6% since the results were announced on Wednesday.

‘In our L&G’s H1 2015 results reaffirmed our belief that the company is well positioned when it comes to taking market share and delivering longer-term growth,’ he said.

‘In our view, L&G’s business model is becoming increasingly differentiated to its home market peers. A continued focus on risk products, including innovative asset strategies to back such products, is continuing to pay dividends. At the same time, while competing in savings, the adoption of a low-cost scale approach appears to be well suited to the changing market dynamics.’

http://citywire.co.uk/money/the-expert-view-aviva-legal-and-general-and-savills/a831284?re=35405&ea=293868&utm_source=BulkEmail_Money_Daily&utm_medium=BulkEmail_Money_Daily&utm_campaign=BulkEmail_Money_Daily#i=5 By IOMINVESTCOM
19:07 05/08/2015 Hargreaves Lansdown view
http://www.hl.co.uk/shares/shares-search-results/l/legal-and-general-group-plc-ord-2.5p-shares?tab=security_research&utm_source=Silverpop&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=E00RN&utm_content=Share%20research&theSource=E00RN&Override=1 By IOMINVESTCOM
18:18 05/08/2015 Excellent company
Very good results considering all the annuity and pension changes and to increase the div by 19% sends a very positive signal. I wish that my pension increased by the same amount. It seems to be leaving Standard Life in its wake. By tejo
17:44 05/08/2015 should get some broker upgrades
L&G has done well considering the unknown ,i.e. change in pensions etc.
This should now go on forward smoothly.Its been slowly drifting down of late.
By peddlar
15:53 29/07/2015 Re: Legal & General Group fundmentals report
If you could push off ( or words to that effect ) and go and spam another website somewhere else, that'd be ace.

Hopefully you'll be banned, sooner, rather than later

BB By Boring Bernie
8:06 28/07/2015 Legal & General Group fundmentals report
Looking like a solid dividend payer http://simplywall.st/LSE:LGEN By mcescher
9:36 03/07/2015 Re: Is LGEN being Shorted?
Looks to me as if LGEN is shadowing the FTSE at the moment, continuing the trend since the end of April. I would expect that the continue for a while in the absence of any Company specific news.

http://tinyurl.com/qhml2oh By Bowman
21:51 02/07/2015 Re: Is LGEN being Shorted?
Me too.
This stock continues to fall despite the small recovery in the FTSE. Don't understand!? By eck8
9:47 18/06/2015 Re: Is LGEN being Shorted?

Think its just following the "greek' decline that is infecting all stocks at the moment. Financials taking a bigger hit.

I think all my stocks are down - wish I;d followed the adage and sold in May!!!!!

CL By Chicken Lips