5:00 10/02/2016 portfolio breakdown allays investment fears
L&G portfolio breakdown allays investment fears Insurer Legal & General (LGEN) has provided details of its bond portfolio in order to allay market fears. Shore Capital analyst Eamonn Flanagan reiterated his ?buy? recommendation but does not have a target price on the stock. The shares were flat at 202.4p yesterday. ?In a move to allay fears in the market over its bond portfolio, L&G has set out an up-to-date split of its book as at the end of December 2015. The portfolio amounted to c.#39 billion at the end of the year, down from #40.7 billion at the end of 2014. By credit rating, c.4% was AAA, 28% was AA, 33% was A, BBB accounted for 31% and the balance was BB or below ? to us, this is a sign of the level of security within the portfolio and the conservative approach taken by the fund managers,? he said. ?We view the economic basis underlying the investment case for L&G to be robust and retain our expectations for an 18% increase in the 2015 dividend to 13.25p.? http://m.citywire.co.uk/money/the-expert-view-randgold-berkeley-and-legal-and-general/a881467?re=38467&ea=293868&utm_source=bulkemail_money_daily&utm_medium=bulkemail_money_daily&utm_campaign=bulkemail_money_daily#galleryAnchor
7:49 09/02/2016 Bond statement
It is to-day's bond statement that is providing the support.
6:50 09/02/2016 5yr chart
Keep having to look at lower & lower areas of likely support with one here at 2.03 on the 5yr chart. http://www.dropbox.com/s/cwnsr3l7s6e3l5f/2016-2-9_LGEN.L.png?dl=0 Getting more keen to buy some back at levels 1.95 / 1.87 / 1.72 if we see any of these areas.
13:43 05/02/2016 Re: Doubled up at 213.9
Hanging out with this one before I top up. Imho falling because they are getting a bit scared on oil company's divis being paid in the future. Gla AlkD
13:02 05/02/2016 Re: Doubled up at 213.9
With you on that one. Sold at 270 and was waiting to get back in. Probably a reasonable gamble, see what happens
11:05 05/02/2016 Doubled up at 213.9
More than decent 5.52% yield http://www.intercooleronline.com/stocks/legal-general-group-plc-lgen-stock-rating-reaffirmed-by-sanford-c-bernstein/375691/
13:23 04/02/2016 Re: SP fall
The picture over the past 6 months is slightly different, and LGEN's performance is not so different to its peers. http://tinyurl.com/h85hr92
12:23 04/02/2016 SP fall
whilst appreciating that L&G is almost a uk index fund I cannot see why the SP has fallen by approx 16% this year which is more than the ftse 100. They have certainly fallen by more than their peer group
7:47 03/02/2016 Re: Heavy falls today
Sensible comment as always from Bowman. Blue tick.
16:03 02/02/2016 Re: Heavy falls today
I do not think there is anything LGEN specific, more that it has been caught in the general insurers mark-down resulting from the reports out of China. PRU is off over 8%. Hopefully it is all an over-raction, and they will bounce back in the next few days. http://tinyurl.com/hksos8o
15:24 02/02/2016 Heavy falls today
I know financials are doing poorly today with the sector down 2.5% but LGEN seems to be doing far worst down 16p or 6.7% with the SP 2.24 Anyone seen anything more related to LGEN to explain todays drop. Thanks
14:42 28/01/2016 Re: L&G in the fray to win £9bn Ae...
As posted by Domodell, LGen are also getting into rental property for the longterm: http://www.legalandgeneralgroup.com/investors/news_releases/releases.asp?newsid=2769 and covered in the FT 'Legal & General has launched a #600m fund to build large-scale rented accommodation, in the latest sign that attempts to make tenanted UK homes an institutional asset class are gathering momentum' https://next.ft.com/content/3f42ab82-c41d-11e5-b3b1-7b2481276e45 SG
18:39 27/01/2016 Re: L&G in the fray to win £9bn Ae...
Difficult to know how well covered they are but they do reinsure at least some of the longevity risk. http://www.legalandgeneralgroup.com/media-centre/press-releases/2014/group-news-release-1254.html One just hopes the reinsurers are still there in 30 years time when medical advances turn out to have added 10 years to life expectancy!
9:27 27/01/2016 Building to rent scale up.
The recent news to build (3000 units) and create large swathes of build to rent is surely a good thing for the UK and for Legal and General? We have NO INSTUTUTIONAL MARKET for renting in the UK and there needs to be far more well designed, cheaper to rent (economies of scale?) homes with added facilties that can attract young professionals away from the parastic, poor quality, private rental market that leeeches off the young or others unable able to buy. Well done to LGEN for going down this route. Long temr prospects for making serious and STABLE returns (with a Dutch insurance company.) Look at Govia on the railways ( A CANADIAN insurance co and the FRENCH!). They are tapping into long STABLE returns to be made out of daily commuters. Why do British investors have a problem with these kinds of relatively safe and easy investments?!! The bad debts of the Banks are littered with poor investment decisions based around the BUSINESS CYCLE which when the 2008 crash hit made their loans go down the drain! Long term pensioners funds and other stable assets could easily be allocated towards investments AWAY from the business cycle that are more protected from the ups and downs of the market. Like RENTAL returns for instance. We need to make a market in affordable, quality housing in the UK. More schemes like L& G to get stable yielding seeking asstets driected into long term returns. YES it is boring and predictable and doesn't promise the Sky's the limit, but as investors we need safer investments for a future world that is becoming increasingly DANGEROUS financially.
11:59 18/01/2016 Re: L&G in the fray to win #9bn Aegon ...
"Legal & General is in a late-stage battle to win the #9 billion UK annuity book from Aegon, the Dutch insurance group, in one of the biggest transfer deals of its kind."" Doesn't all this worry you as a shareholder? Buying up these instruments that everyone is keen to offload? Surely the short term boost it provides for managment incentives bodes ill down the road when satisfying the payouts with increasing longevity will hammer the likes of L&G? Games