19:31 24/04/2015 Re: Support Level
I think it is all going to depend on the election. I agree that at sub 250p it looks a good buy, but Sturgeon getting any power will spook the markets. By Einstein the Second
14:32 24/04/2015 Re: Support Level
Re "Anyone any thoughts on the support level"

It looks like we've had a bit of profit taking which has then pushed others into locking in some profits who might not otherwise have done so

Nothing wrong with taking profits by the way. I've done it myself recently ... and then watched the sp climb to nigh on three quid !

As to support levels ? No idea if I'm be honest. My gut reaction is that strong buying interest would reappear sub 250p. I've included a graph here but I'm certainly no chartist.

Bottom line, forecast eps for 2015 is 18 / 19p, forecast double digit growth and a 4.5%+ divi means L&G is likely to continue being a steady, if unspectatular performer. If the sp drops to low 250's, I may well top back up.

I look on it as a safe haven which I know I can pretty much put money into which isn't going to let me down massively so it's likely to be way better than cash.

BB By Boring Bernie
8:18 24/04/2015 Re: X divi
In my flights of fancy over many shares over recent years, there is no such thing as the norm for sp movements up or down, cum or ex div.

This fellow has been a great riser for anybody who has been in it over the last 5 years and even a blip now doesn't unduly worry me....but, I did sell a block at 281 last week pre-ex-div as part of my cash build-up to soothe pre- election nerves and now I am thinking whatever price I see over the next few weeks, I can buy back at 8.35p discount, so to speak.

Thus at 260 (252 cum div) I will probably buy back in.

Steady Eddie.
By daressaalam
22:52 23/04/2015
Sold all L&G on 24th March at 294.76. Been thinking of buying back but this just keeps sliding.

Anyone any thoughts on the support level ? By GEONTX
15:08 23/04/2015 Re: X divi
I think they are down again today, even accounting for the final dividend value of 8.35p. There has been a steady fall in the share price recently and hope this does not continue for too long!?

Eck8 By eck8
14:53 23/04/2015 Re: X divi
The norm is that the share price loses the value of the dividned on the day it goes Ex therefore cancelling the money you have to come so L & G are effectively up a few pence today!!
S By sootyr
8:39 23/04/2015 Re: X divi
Thanks, wondering if the SP might dip.

CL By Chicken Lips
8:30 23/04/2015 Re: X divi
Yes. 8.359 payable on 04/06/2015

Have a look on the Fundamentals tab and all the details are there

S By sootyr
7:19 23/04/2015 X divi
Is today x divi?

Cl By Chicken Lips
16:36 10/04/2015 Re: sell, then what?
So you are up around 1000% and you haven't sold?...well it's only profit if you sell

Particularly as you have seen the sp at around 30p

And particularly as the issues which led.to the crunch are upon us again but much worse

Cash might look.a good bet if markets which are held.up by money printing decide to crash

Btw the sp hit 19.75 intraday in the nadir

Aren't investors SUPPOSED to sell high? By taffychaff
11:26 07/03/2015 Re: sell, then what?

"Still in FUM?"

Never been in FUM, m8. I just enjoy the craic on that board having had a long term interest in esoteric products such as FUM's.

This is solely (I hasten to add) as a result of discovering, during a week's training as a pump jockey in a petrol station in Birmingham, during my graduate training scheme, that the petrol station franchisee made more money selling rubber johnnies from a machine on the back of the gents' kharzi than I was receiving in salary at the time. Happy days.

LKH on the flybridge I knew I should have bought some Reckitts' shares

By LK Hyman
16:27 06/03/2015 Re: sell, then what?
Still in FUM? By relaxtwotribes
15:33 06/03/2015 Re: sell, then what?

"148,862 @ 33.59p"

Ah, of course, silly me! That comprehensively proves your purchase.

LKH on the flybridge By LK Hyman
15:26 06/03/2015 Re: sell, then what?
148,862 @ 33.59p By relaxtwotribes
15:05 06/03/2015 Re: sell, then what?

" I watched the sp slump to the low 30s and bought in"

No, I didn't buy then either.

LKH on the flybridge but RAC did By LK Hyman