13:48 15/09/2014 Re: 25 million quid!
Indeed - did strike me as odd yet this mistake seems to have been replicated in many different sources. Thanks for the correction. By imperator2008
8:15 15/09/2014 Re: 25 million quid!

"Highest deal of the week according to Shares magazine."

It's obviously a mistake, m8. Read the company's own RNS and you'll realise that Tomlinson bought 1043 shares, not 10.43 million.


LKH on the flybridge By LK Hyman
21:56 14/09/2014 25 million quid!
Nice little top up by our director Lindsey Tomlinson.

Highest deal of the week according to Shares magazine. How's that for confidence!

She has a pretty good track record, too:

http://www.directorsholdings.com/director/details/26686/Lindsay+Tomlinson By imperator2008
11:27 28/08/2014 Ex divi
We are ex divi today? Sp holding up well if we are, really positive.

CL By Chicken Lips
15:38 06/08/2014 Results
4% plus yield and more to come plus excellent management should equal steady rise in sp. Star holding for me. By tejo
11:47 06/08/2014 NEW ARTICLE: Do L&G's numbers justify a premium rating?
"It took a couple of months for LSE:LGEN:Legal & General's share price to recover from the Budget annuities shocker, but recover it has, and the high-yielding insurer enjoyed a decent first half. Net cash generation was better than expected and ..."

http://www.iii.co.uk/node/185112 By II Editor
9:37 06/08/2014 Nice little earner
Nice results yet again. Had these since 2006 giving me a compounded 10% per annum.
More than I can say for Aviva which has caused me pain for years.

WB By Warren Buffoon
14:03 15/07/2014 Maria Psarra, Head of Desk at JNF Capital says to BUY in Legal and General (LGEN.L)
Maria Psarra, Head of Desk at JNF Capital says to BUY in Legal and General (LGEN.L) . See more at: http://www.tiptv.co.uk/archives/tip-tv-highlight-maria-psarra-15-07-2014-2/#sthash.mjdO3KKa.dpuf By BatsfordArmy
0:27 25/06/2014 HMGovt epetition - update! Shorting...
4,475 votes. Are they all wrong?
(that's A LOT of irate investors!)

The HMGovt epetition is a regulated and monitored site with legal authority !

HMGovt epetition, make short selling illegal !

(or at least better regulated)

* cast your vote here....

* read more -( a lot more ! )

* Bookmark the links if you wish to 'pass the LINK/s on'.... or read later?

Deramping SHORTERS !

Shorting a rising stock....is much worse when it is done by your resident posters that seemingly are your buddies and convince 'long' holders to give up!

What many pi's fail to grasp is the extent that shorting is taking place. Often we tend to think that the 'shorter' is gone, 'he' is out of the way? You'd be wrong in most cases, for ( he ), the shorter, is often joined by others that keep the stock down !

Some stocks fall after GOOD NEWS!

Shorting or normal profit taking?
The main reason for many pi's selling, is they are afraid they'll be left in losses AND because of the fear of shorters !

Consolidating shares often sees the sp fall as the multi-bagger potential is greatly reduced. Shorters know this and 'get their digs in' with a distinct advantage

Quindell has consolidated 15 for 1 and guess what? The shares are tanking! Probably being shorted again and not just by the professionals. Ordinary investors are having a go as well (if you can't beat 'em....?).

At current rate Quindell 'could' fall back to pre-consolidation HIGHS of 45p eventually...confirming Gotham City's price of 3p ? (45/15=3p)

This is what shorting COULD do to your investments!

BUT, where does that leave the genuine investor that has put stocks like QPP into their pension funds?...holding losses again!

* Once pi's know the stock is being shorted...they'll SELL UP IN THEIR DROVES !

We can't both WIN !

The 'shorts' therefore 'win' their bets, whereas the 'longs' lose the best part of their investment, possibly for some time to come......and just when you thought this couldn't go any lower, THEY'LL SHORT THE STOCK AGAIN !


* Thanks for all your support. We are now heading towards 5,000 votes!

* Investors are saying something? They are voting in their hundreds !

# The big problem with shorting is that THEY (the shorters) WOULD most likely lose most of their money IF they just 'bet' on the price going down without trying to 'help' it down?

'Catch 22' .... No one would know of an RNS to be released that will contain BAD NEWS, if they did and then 'shorted' the stock, then they are guilty of 'insider trading'.

The only sure way to short a stock and WIN is to spread dis-information to defame the company with help from other posters that are in concert with them. To ENSURE that they don't lose the biggest part of their 'short', ironically, then, they must deramp with (seemingly) believable posts.

* When the pro's do it, they simply get the media or well known 'crooked' tipsters, analysts or brokers to do it for them. (say no more).

# The campaign against shorting is for the benefit of the 'cheated' investors that cannot control their investments due to the dirty tricks played out by co-ordinated shorting !

The results will be reviewed by Govt legislators for further action! The FCA will be asked by Davide Serra to conduct an investigation into short selling practices, with the view to either ban short selling, or to be better regulated !

David Serra wants the FCA to investigate 'shorting' practices

How the pros make YOUR money THEIR money - market manipulation !

BE A PART OF IT -please vote!
By dickie3times
0:34 11/06/2014 Annuties blunder
how annoying .i had a large holding.and then quit when i reached a stop loss.
and now we are back to the same levels!!

Strange old market```11 By peddlar
9:03 09/05/2014 Re: Outstanding results
RAC is a wise investor. But I can't help pulling his leg occasionally. By ookyfly
20:44 07/05/2014 Re: Outstanding results
The overall numbers were much as I expected. Nice to see them put some meat on the bones of the individual annuity situation with :-

"We expect the Individual Annuity market to contract by c50% in 2014 and by a further half in 2015"

balanced by

"Our established mass market distribution combined with our expertise in both investment and longevity management mean we can offer a wide range of new and existing products to customers deciding how to convert savings into retirement income.

We are developing low cost income drawdown products with a range of options for customers to choose how much risk they wish to take and how much they want to be guaranteed."

which, though overall isn't a surprise is a bit better than I thought it would be. Looks like the doom mongerers were a bit quick to write us off ( That's not aimed at RAC btw, who took profits after a long time, and no-one ever got poor by taking a profit ).

BB By Boring Bernie
17:55 07/05/2014 Outstanding results
Quite right LKH By tejo