8:03 24/07/2016 Re: In for more
SM: "Doubt markets are going to be uncertain over the next two or three years" Well, British Markets and British Companies are affected by trade tariffs they have to operate under. If it takes 2 years to leave the EU, and we can not negotiate any trade deals with any country till we have left - that will cause uncertainty. The SNP will keep pushing for another referendum on their independence. How long before that is resolved? And will Northern Ireland join in? European markets affect all countries markets, and all international businesses. With the UK having voted to Leave the EU, and nationalistic parties gaining strength in many other EU countries and important General Elections coming up I suggest it will take two to three years to be certain whether any other countries are going to follow the UK's lead. That means uncertainty in European markets. The US Presidential election is another uncertainty for the next few months. If Clinton wins then it may be more of the same, so not too much on going uncertainty - but if Trump wins and starts trying to implement some of the things he is talking about, then there will be more uncertainty. Also it will probably take 2 -3 years to establish a trend about international companies' investment policies towards Europe. I think we can be certain there will be no more large Car manufacturers setting up in the UK - at least till things become clearer. I think Ireland will benefit. And of course if the # stays weak against the ?, all these Eastern European migrants that the Brexiteers hate so much may go off to other parts of |Europe where they can earn more money, and suddenly we could have a skill shortage in this country. I stand by it, I think there will be uncertainty in the markets for 2-3 years at least, though I ma sure there will be some shorter term trends to take advantage of.
10:26 23/07/2016 Neil Woodford's five Brexit bargains
http://www.iii.co.uk/articles/340731/neil-woodfords-five-brexit-bargains?context=LSE:LGEN Neil Woodford's five Brexit bargains Fund manager Neil Woodford was surprised by the British public's decision to leave the European Union - but, rather than sitting still, the respected investor moved to take advantage of the initial volatility following the vote. He has topped up five holdings in his CF Woodford Equity Income fund. He comments that each business suffered "indiscriminate share price falls". Woodford notes that there was a rotation away from domestically focused stocks to those with a greater global footprint in the sell-off that occurred during the first couple of trading days after markets opened on 24 June. Extreme market reaction Woodford remarks that the initial market reaction was extreme. He says: "This move was largely indiscriminate, at least regarding valuations, as many market participants appeared determined to make the switch at almost any cost." He added to Legal & General (LGEN) (down more than 30% in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote) and Provident Financial (PFG) (down more than 25%). "As primarily UK-facing businesses, both of these companies have been bracketed with a group of other domestic cyclicals and financials, which a large number of investors have simply wanted to exclude from their portfolios, regardless of valuation or prospects," says Woodford. "In our view, this is a mistake. We have spoken to the managements of Legal & General and Provident Financial since the referendum and have concluded that both businesses remain well-placed to deliver very attractive rates of sustainable dividend growth in the years ahead." Woodford also took advantage of share price weakness to add to his positions in Babcock International (BAB), Capita (CPI) and New River Retail (NRR). Recession should be avoided On the economy Woodford comments that he does not think the Brexit vote will change much. He adds, however, that the UK economy may slow more than it would have done in the short term. "But policy measures, both explicit (looser monetary and fiscal policy) and implicit (sterling devaluation), should mean recession is avoided," he says. "Both the UK and the world face far greater challenges than Brexit, with ebbing global growth, excessive debt, stagnant productivity, deteriorating demographics across developed economies and continued signs of a troublingly prolonged slowdown in China. "Accordingly, our investment strategy remains unchanged as we continue to be cautious on the outlook for the UK and indeed for the global economy." Since launch in June 2014 CF Woodford Equity Income has returned 24%, ahead of the average fund in the Investment Association's UK equity income sector, which is up 7%. His Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) is down 10% since it launched last April. Woodford has previously stressed the trust - as its name implies - has invested in "some incredible businesses" that may "take a long time to fulfil their potential".
7:34 23/07/2016 The Petition is gaining support
Apologies for board hopping; but ! The petition is going quite well; 6050+ signatures so far. ONLY 2 weeks to go !!! https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/112044/sponsors/frRbCOsOLO6QqIN82UOX If you hate seeing buys reported as sells etc!!!!!! Has already been sent to Martin Lewis, Daily Mail, Moneyweek & Watchdog. New chancellor, shaddow chancellor & lots of others inc Stock Exchange aim committee. If you follow tweeters etc, send it to them please! If this petition doesn?t reach 10,000; then imo we might as well have not bothered as it will almost certainly be filed B1N; @ 10,000 the government should respond. So ? If you haven?t yet signed or indeed have but haven?t passed it on to others, then now?s the time to do so.
11:22 19/07/2016 Re: In for more
Doubt markets are going going to be uncertain over the next two or three years. But this is a good entry point. Very pleased to take it at these levels and the income for years. L & G announced a tasty one this morning with the ICI pension scheme worth 750m. Signed after the referendum. The business model ain't broke yet. M
16:54 18/07/2016 Re: In for more
Well I guess what's not to like, and why it is hugely oversold is the uncertain financial markets we are going to have for the next 2-3 years. But I think we can lie back and take the dividend without too many worries.
14:12 18/07/2016 In for more
I piled in for some more this morning. LGEN now number 1 on the Hyman Top of the Pops at 10.5% of the shrunken wad. Massive yield, reasonably well covered divi, strong balance sheet, ticking all the boxes, market cap far too low considering the huge amount of wedge it runs. What's not to like? LKH at Rancho Hyman taking a walk on the wild side
7:21 18/07/2016 NEW ARTICLE: Has Brexit opened up a buying opportunity for Legal and General Group plc?
"Contrarian investing is more an art than a science. It's something that's much talked about, yet real contrarian investing is a lot harder than you think it is. Why? Because the natural human instinct is to run with the crowd rather than go ..." http://www.iii.co.uk/node/339345
21:36 17/07/2016 Woodford been buying more L&G shares
And L&G has some big name backers. In a note to investors last week, Woodford Investment Management said that the company was ?well-placed to deliver very attractive rates of sustainable dividend growth?. It had been buying more L&G shares to ?take advantage of the ill-informed investor behaviour?. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/b5515ec8-4a95-11e6-b387-64ab0a67014c.html#axzz4EhR3eN32
11:56 16/07/2016 Re: Eh?
There were no fewer than 13 trades that went through rapidly at around 17:06pm. ALL were L&G sells (circa @ 165p), way below any market price seen that day. This is a disgrace in my view and should be urgently investigated, along with all other such trades going through at that time for other FT 100 Companies.. It appears to me to be a shocking example of `market abuse`, and any `triggers` used to achieve these `out of hours` trades should be very closely examined, maybe with some consultations with the investors who clearly appear to have been short changed. Clearly, other trades for similar sell sizes went through that day at much higher prices.. some clear investigations are called for in my view. Some at HSBC also bare investigation.. prices going through at 17;05 at around 475p, then suddenly some big trades at 17:06 going through at nearer 439p.. we`re talking millions of quid here.. I hope our authorities will take a close look at these, and any rules and surrounding issues.
17:09 15/07/2016 Re: Eh?
Ookyfly, ?Does anyone know the size of these rogue sells? Perhaps tiny 'sells'?? Yes, 1.6 million shares that were sold at a very big discount from 185.80p to as low as 161.95p. I guess that's one of the dangers of having stop losses. Nige
13:25 15/07/2016 Re: Eh?
Yes. Strange that at 7pm the values came back to where they had been. Is there anyone we should complain to .,,,??
20:22 14/07/2016 Re: Eh?
There were several other FT100 companies where this significant price drop occurred at precisely 17:06pm last night, with a small number of high value transactions.. I`m of the view that some kind of news event triggered this reaction.. Incidentally the PRU prices went up, which was different to all the rest which seemed to go very sharply down. These included Shroders, AAL, ADN, Marks & Spencer and others. The trade values were sharply different to any other trades that occurred that day.. Very strange and I`d say, suspicious. I took copies of the trading patterns and timings of several FT 100 companies. I do thing the city jokers need sorting out over these matters.
16:21 14/07/2016 Re: Eh?
Any idea why it was just L&G and Prudential.
8:43 14/07/2016 Re: Taking stock under new PM..
And block LSE stock market merger or Germans takeover
8:18 14/07/2016 Re: Eh?
Could this be manipulation, possibly aimed to trigger 'stop losses'?