8:47 18/06/2015 Re: Is LGEN being Shorted?

Think its just following the "greek' decline that is infecting all stocks at the moment. Financials taking a bigger hit.

I think all my stocks are down - wish I;d followed the adage and sold in May!!!!!

CL By Chicken Lips
15:07 17/06/2015 Is LGEN being Shorted?
This is a steady decline and wondered if hedge funds are short selling the stock. Is the company big in greasy pole Greece? Just guessing
Any comments

Eck8 By eck8
20:28 11/06/2015 Re: Where s the divi?
Sorry to upset the apple cart, I received my dividend on time by iii, unusual I know but true.

By i WISH i WAS i
10:34 11/06/2015 Re: Where s the divi?
Maybe through good luck more than design, I am really glad i use Selftrade (now Selftrade Equiniti) because no end of people on iii.co.uk are complaining about late delivery of various dividends due on a range of shares from a range of brokers..... Whilst the newly merged business of Selftrade and Equiniti (the latter who I think provide dealing platforms and services for 80% of business transacted online on a execute without advice basis in the UK) are still enhancing old Selftrade systems and bringing new ones online for clients to use, at least we get our dividends 99.9/100 on the due day.

In fact with regard to my own dealings with them, at the moment the only things that spring to mind that don't happen on the day are Dividend Advice Notes which typically seem to arrive 2-3 days after the dividened has been applied to account, transaction notes if buying say Woodford Equity Fund, as they buy from them direct, so you get the purchase note generally the next day.....................

I know there are cheaper online brokers out there than perhaps Selftrade/Equinity, but if you are waiting for dividends etc which are delayed perhaps on a regular basis, then if you are spending time chasing your brokers etc, then why not consider a change............. After all Brokers are service providers !

By Medway Man
8:59 11/06/2015 Re: Where s the divi?
I have account through Saga with Barclays Stockbrokers and still no L&G dividend a week after due date of June 4th. Phoned Saga on Tuesday who said they were aware of problem and were chasing Barclays. Have others using Barclays now received their divis? By Simon Bousfield
9:09 10/06/2015 Re: Where s the divi?
Finally showed up yesterday afternoon as extras shares as I use a DRIP By Masterblender
7:45 10/06/2015 Re: Where s the divi?
I got mine on due date from Selftrade Equiniti............. People have also been saying they had delays in getting their divis for Aviva too............allI can say is that with Selftrade (now Selftrade Equiniti) they usually pay on the due day, unles there is an issue, late arrival or technical issues, then its first thing the next day. By Medway Man
11:03 09/06/2015 Re: Where s the divi?
Mine turned up at Stocktrade last Friday but still no sign at Capita. I thought the rules had recently changed and the FCA requires faster allocation. Does anyone know about these changes? By Masterblender
9:27 09/06/2015 Re: Where s the divi?
Phoned them(Barclays) today and they are working on it! Mentioned that HL customers had theirs on time! By ellamark
15:16 08/06/2015 Re: Where s the divi?
Should add, none of my accounts are with Barclays. I've no idea they they're tardy passing the divis on By Boring Bernie
15:14 08/06/2015 Re: Where s the divi?
Turned.up on time in my accounts By Boring Bernie
15:09 08/06/2015 Re: Where s the divi?
I have not received the divi either. If it is not in my account tomorrow I shall contact BSL and ask them where it is. They have delayed payments in the past but normally divi's are received the following day By compensation
14:07 08/06/2015 Re: Where s the divi?
Received Divi on 4th June in my HL Account. By Daylite
13:40 08/06/2015 Where s the divi?
Thought the divi due date for payment? No sign of it in Barclays Stockbrokers! By ellamark
8:36 02/06/2015 Re: Bought
To the extent there are risks/uncertainties about the sector, they're already discounted in the price I paid. Of course, that said, it could still fall as no equity offers risk free returns. By Orchard Gate