13:20 19/11/2012 Kenyan Government block deal
So does that mean the whole deal is off? Or just the Kenyan bit of it. Does Cove still exist then? Im confused on this one. Anyone have any thoughts/comment? By TunnelTom
11:14 16/11/2012 Re: some help appreciated...
Cove is no more so you have not crashed a crucial thread...... as for how they transformed their shareprice, it was through the drillbit, pure and simple. Exploration drill after exploration drill followed by appraisal drill after appraisal drill with successful flow tests showed that Cove had a small share of one of the biggest unfolding Gas discoveries on the planet....... in the end they were still sold on the cheap IMHO and at this moment with the drilling of Black Pearl and testing of the Golfinho/Atum complex progressing another great round of news flow is likely.

How much of this continued neighboring success will 'rub off' on Animex is uncertain as it seems their onshore acreage in Tanzania will not deliver quite the same quality of discoveries...... the lower costs and higher speed to develop their onshore opportunities does mean Aminex could make rapid progress but not I fear without an active drill programme.

LR By Ladder Rack
13:43 20/10/2012 some help appreciated...
I wonder if someone may kindly help me ? I own shares in a Company that has a licence to explore considerable acreage in the Ruvuma basin and has already made a substantial gas discovery but crucially, on shore. I am of course talking about Aminex plc (AEX) who own 75% with Solo oil on 25% of the first discovery but on the Tanzanian side of the basin rather than Mozambique. What I am trying to ascertain is, did Cove make it's meteoric rise in value off the back of actual production, or promises of reserves from seismic data ? This week alone, Solo's share have appreciated by over 50% with Aminex sitting on about a third up and whilst I have been a long time shareholder, I hope you can understand I want to make sure I realise any profits with some discreet timing in the future. I do hope I haven't crashed a crucial thread ! By Nyetimber
8:40 12/09/2012 Re: I can't bear to watch!.......Phew!
So the blushes are spared for another day....... the deeper objective was dry and it it will now be a while before another drill occurs offshore Kenya, so since time is money the price obtained for Cove will be just that little bit easier to bear!


LR By Ladder Rack
9:24 10/09/2012 Re: I can't bear to watch!.......
Mbawa-1 Drilling Update announcement from Tullow is starting to point to a positive outcome for the drill I was waiting for off Kenya....... If they hit oil in a lower objective then it will mean we were raped on asset value for the Kenyan holdings. .


LR By Ladder Rack
16:06 24/08/2012 Buys
Who on earth is buying shares today at 240.5p! By Roger Baron
15:24 24/08/2012 Re: Compulsory share offer.
It mentioned October 10th. I sold all out today though. By theauctioneer
13:17 24/08/2012 Re: Compulsory share offer.
When do we get our money ? By webbski9
10:00 24/08/2012 Compulsory share offer.
This really is the finish line. All the best guys (and gals). See you in another place, another time.

Going, going, gone. By theauctioneer
15:20 17/08/2012 Re: Offer Wholly Unconditional
I'd say there is absolutely zero chance of that now....... take the money and try to find another good investment (or a few to spread risk) IMHO! .

LR By Ladder Rack
15:08 17/08/2012 Re: Offer Wholly Unconditional
Oh ok, does ptt need the 95% level ?? I thought it was initially 50%, then the 91 % was tabled ??? just learning here so please bear with me. Im always hoping that the process will stop and we have another chance at higher value....? By penguin14
8:35 17/08/2012 Offer Wholly Unconditional
LOL!...... Looks like they still haven't got to 95% acceptance but have figured out a way to do so by exercising options and then including the new shares........ Goodnight Sweetheart! .


LR By Ladder Rack
11:53 14/08/2012 Re: I can't bear to watch!.......
any more news on COVE ????????? perhaps some require a new platform to discuss these other issues ...ho hum By penguin14
13:42 13/08/2012 Re: I can't bear to watch!.......
There is presumably a bid premium built into Ophir's sp so you're buying someone else's speculation on how Ophir will end up. The other problem is that Tanzania is only a part of their business, and if you want more exposure to exploration off East Africa there may be more focussed ways of getting it.

PMO might be a thought, if you don't mind the Falklands exposure. They also have been sniffing in Iraq. It doesn't address my point about focussing your attention (PMO has fingers in many pies, like OPHR) but they do have interests adjacent to the Ophr L9 licence. sp looked very attractive a few weeks ago. By Wordbodger
9:56 09/08/2012 Re: I can't bear to watch!.......
'a monumental undervaluing of the substantial Kenyan assets. '

I think that is a high possibility. Shame there was no opportunity for us to explore. My mouth was watering at that prospect before COVE put themselves up for sale.

PR By Phillip Reid