11:45 09/02/2017 peel hunt reiterates buy.....
new target price 81p.....that would be ticketyboo
15:05 03/02/2017 Re: Does this ever move?
it's pretty moribund (though edging up) at the moment but after the brexit collapse to 54.5 p on the 7/7/16 i'm delighted to see such a swift recovery .never has so much money been lost and recovered so quickly .alas i can't say the same for all my shares.....30%off at card factory/30% off at vertu motors thanks to brexit OMG
9:40 03/02/2017 Re: Does this ever move?
The last significant press release was on 30th November and I don't think there will be much price action until more significant news. Concrete and gravel are not particularly sexy so I guess this company is not the most exciting, although it does have quite alot of acquisitions which add interest and have, in the past generated quite alot of price action. I think it is "steady as she goes" at the moment but I am happy to wait for value to be generated gradually as I find that boring companies often seem to provide good returns in the long term.
14:57 02/02/2017 Does this ever move?
I've come across some boring shs in my time but with everything going so well, seemingly, you'd think that some worthwhile demand would be seen, especially with the sustained infrastructure spend envisaged. Yes, I know the current stats look a touch expensive but a quality premium which this enjoys shouldn't be a constraint on sp performance in the normal course - maybe they need to get into the divd list to get it going? - sasa.
8:59 05/12/2016 Re: going higher ?
jeffries int now raise target price to 90 p
8:44 21/11/2016 Trading Update
Trading update will be issued on 30 Nov 2016.
12:56 30/07/2016 Re: going higher ?
Bought 4 days ago at 73p, I should have bought them 3 years ago when the Share Centre recommended them at 54p. I usually buy to keep long term.
19:02 29/07/2016 going higher ?
jeffries raises target price to 84p .no reason to sell here....plenty left in the cycle
8:22 29/03/2016 Re: Valuation and growth of Breedon Aggregat...
can't access the link could you summarise its contents pls?
9:45 28/03/2016 Valuation and growth of Breedon Aggregates
The EPS growth is expected to be 28%. (http://simplywall.st/AIM:BREE) Anyone believe the analysts?
18:49 09/01/2016 Good contract win
16:10 24/12/2015 Tipped for 2016
Breedon has been tipped by the telegraph for 2016....
13:25 18/11/2015 NEW ARTICLE: Big-spending Breedon blasts off
"Operating quarries and running cement and ready-mixed concrete plants is dirty work, but where there's muck there's brass, and A#700 million LSE:BREE:Breedon Aggregates is certainly throwing the cash about. Paying A#336 million for rival Hope ..." http://www.iii.co.uk/articles/278221/big-spending-breedon-blasts
11:12 18/11/2015 Trading Update & Hope Aquisition Plan
Trading update of today looks solidly positive. Planned acquisition of Hope Materials should significantly increase aggregates business plus add concrete opportunities. I plan to add to my existing modest holding. DYOR Kuz
10:33 18/11/2015 Re: Bought in
another Jim Slater rec coming good .i think i shall let this one run a bit