8:28 19/01/2018 Re: DO NOT READ THIS.
As an addendum. I suspect that the reason the permit has not simply been reissued is that it has to be reapplied for.
8:26 19/01/2018 Re: DO NOT READ THIS.
Well, why the hell don't you write more of this stuff than a list of pointless rhetorical questions DDD? Use your noddle man. I am in Bangkok for a couple of days and on cellphone so not really up for typing here. I did give a monologue a couple of months ago in which I highlighted my thoughts and it seemed to be fairly well received. I'll do so again when I have some time. Broadly speaking my thoughts are aligned with yours, with a few operational observations but I really don't feel the need to post every day on the matter. I'm absolutely certain that readers on here would prefer your posts in the format of below, rather than being peppered with a load of questions which are either unanswerable or cryptic beyond reason though. I'm in and I'm staying in.
8:04 19/01/2018 Re: DO NOT READ THIS.2
Also get ready for the dip. ( My funds ready to buy). They want you to panic. Patience pays. GLA.
7:15 19/01/2018 DO NOT READ THIS.
If you think this page is a joke. Just ignore and DYOR. It is your money that you invest, not mine.... This BB is about opinions and no matter how wacky they may seem, from my experiences anything is possible. (Even Liverpool beating Man City.)..... De...3009 you obviously have opinions as to what is going on here so why not share them with us all. In the meantime if you do not like what people write here, then put them on ignore. Now it seems to me that Hendersons are historically the key to this low sp activity. I may be wrong but IMO it is being deliberately held down. Someone is lending shares. Now beware of the past Darwin tactic of loaning money (#10m?) for shares for (a hidden low sp) and then pumping / dumping before market announcements. They call it a private placing but the intention is to stitch up PIs and make the loan sharks MONEY. Remember AIM is used to raise MONEY. That is why companies are here. #10m was the sum suggested as needed once the IPPC was issued. The IPPC is with Geonergo not AST as I understand. What documents are being passed back and forwards to CH. Why has the previous document just not been reissued? I still think this is being served UP on a plate for T/O or JV and a placing, but that is my opinion. Now watch the crazy trades. 1 to 2m. GLA.
16:36 18/01/2018 Re: Challenged.
we've said it all before, constant drivel spouted on here! I am weary and truly beaten down by this lot over more years than I care to recall. However had you said to me we would be a producing company with a steady income stream on the verge of ippc being issued, prospects to come with no debt (although a gobsmacking number of shares in issue, thanks colin et al!!) and the share price would be 1.4p I would have scoffed, neigh laughed at you! the share churn is now a paltry amount and we seem to be back in limbo with little hope of some shareholder value right now. I don't get it either. sigh
15:19 18/01/2018 Re: Challenged.
I have no idea why you post this stuff DDD. Pretty pointless as far as I can see. How many traded since 01st December? Well, up to yesterday it's 671,537,007, representing a paltry 29.6% of shares in issue or around #10.1M in 32 trading days. So what's the big deal? An average of 20M shares traded per day in a company with 2.27 billion shares in issue is totally irrelevant. Where exactly are you going with this cryptology? Between you and the spaceman this page is a joke.
14:39 18/01/2018 Re: Challenged.
Do not forget:- This sp IMO does not make sense unless you are a market maker under orders. No TR1s why? For every sell there should be a buyer. How many traded since 1st Dec. Ping ,pong. Just 1 recent CH interview at Vox with some self interests possibly. Why are they killing the market and holding the line... Just look at the bots nice big round number trades since December. Is the deal a JV, T/O , a private (cash raising) placing or any combination? All pals together.. So where is the timetable for PG7 and PG9s opening up? Laid on a plate and served up for the taking IMO. Due diligence. Patience pays. Expecting a tree shaking dip next to put you off. Getting ready to top UP again. GLA.
12:04 18/01/2018 Wow. A ONE share trade just went through
I pray it's not a sell. LOL!
13:05 16/01/2018 I reckon Slovenia fast tracked the permit
I mean we've only been waiting THREE AND A HALF YEARS for it. LOL! Not long now. LOL!
7:34 16/01/2018 Re: Still Holding the Line an Alternative..
An alternative view. It is a strategic acquisition or JV in progress. Ongoing due diligence is confirming the understanding of size and quality of the Petisovci Gas project. Testwork is being performed to confirm the existing pipework infrastructure and production capacity. The IPPC is finally 'in the bag'. (Some may allege that the brown envelopes are now on route for delivery). GLA.
19:17 15/01/2018 Re: Still Holding the Line
Must admit it seems to keep bouncing off 1.4p. Some sort of software maybe set to buy at that level.. Yes it is boring.
15:15 15/01/2018 Still Holding the Line
A new week and the sp is still holding to the bots set algorithm line. It is just like watching paint dry. They want you to lose interest for a reason, keep down the sp and promote the idea of low daily volumes. Get the herd to move along and bet bored, maybe.. Hoping it is not to justify a cheap placing for their friends and mates, as a #10m loan deal is announced in regard to that IPPC. Could they do that after WH Ireland's recommendations But they are 'all pals together', these loan brokers. Setting themselves UP nicely for a bumper bonus, possibly. GLA.
15:22 12/01/2018 Re: Challenged? Now Confused?
Nope. The spread has been within the bounds I stated since the first trade of the day. No good looking at the headline figure above. They?re indicative only. It?s the actual trading figures that show the true spread. God luck TP
15:02 12/01/2018 Re: Interesting trades today
I presume the IPPC permit that Ascent have waited 3 and a half years to get will not be long now. The permit objector lost his case last November so things should be moving along. The main thing Colin our CEO has been saying is he wants to ramp up the existing 2 wells production and re-work two of the existing 7 wells originally drilled in the 80's by BP. With the current revenue of around #260K per month plus the so called local gas sales of about #50K per month after overheads Ascent must be saving a few quid. The last primary bid cash call netted #1.5 million I reckon #750K of this was spent on the last load of work. I guess Ascent had about #750K left when the 1st money started arriving early January. So we will need to pay for the next 2 wells re-work towards the end of the year. I'm thinking when we get the IPPC permit Colin will speak to iNA to see if they want to do a deal. The deal being pay us more than the spot price less roughly 40% as they do now for the gas we pipe to them in Croatia, an agreement for 10 years or so, and we won't build the new processing plant. If INA are willing to pay substancially more for our export gas (I guess spot price less 15% maybe) then it would be not worth Ascents while building the new processing plant. The question must be asked. They can only say no. Assuming Ascent don't strike a deal with INA (most likely they won't IMHO) then Ascent will be searchoing arpund for the best deal to borrow the money as they have already said. The last time they negotiated a deal (which was not taken up) it was for the new plant plus re-working two wells strangely enough. So I guess they will borrow the money for the new plant AND whatever more they need (other than saved money to that date) to re-work the 2 wells. I.E I think they will borrow what they will be short of to re-work the 2 wells. All guess work of course but it seems to make sense to me. All IMHO.
14:19 12/01/2018 Re: Interesting trades today
AST should be presenting at the Oil Capital Conference on the 1st Feb. Will the IPPC paperwork be completed beforehand? Could not resist another top up again today as this flatlines along That last PB placing was at 1.66p so do not expect any loan placing at lower unless it is a carve UP. If news drops over the weekend, would expect some accelerated moves UP, next week. But due diligence takes its time.. Are they waiting for an improved offer or more finance approval paperwork, hence the radio silence on the tweeting front. CH must have itchy fingers ready to tweet, but cannot ruffle any feathers. Also do not cancel (1st Feb), just like Trump. GLA.