12:38 24/03/2017 Over 30 million shares traded
already and it's only 12:38! Up 15% yesterday on large volume too. The market expects....... something! Maybe my Gazprom bid joke will come true. They bought out Sibir enegy when I held several years ago. Paid a good price as well. Ascent have PROVED the field is ripe for fracking with well pg10 for heavens sake! There are loads of other wells already drilled that can be fracked as well................ All IMHO. Do your own research.
12:20 24/03/2017 Re: Something is fishy
The stock is being accumulated and a rise of over 15% yesterday was unusual IMO. Based on the RNS history here, one can be issued anytime during the day. Personally, I'm in favour of news on Monday or early next week. Tip: you need bags of patience on AIM.
11:48 24/03/2017 Re: Something is fishy
What's fishy tiptop, and where is the RNS ?
8:20 24/03/2017 Something brewing here! (nm).
7:11 24/03/2017 Re: Pg 11 tested at
yes did mean 10 mmbpd
22:34 23/03/2017 Re: Pg 11 tested at
Hang on... 10mcf/d is only 10 thousand cubic feet per day! LOL! A herd of cows would produce more..... LOL!
22:25 23/03/2017 Re: Pg 11 tested at
The RNS regarding the flow rate for pg11a was back on 7th November 2011. It was disappointing:- " After cleaning out the three pumped stages the stabilised gas flow rate of 2.1 MMscfd and approximately 50 bpd of condensate was achieved. The combined gas and condensate production rate was c.400 barrels of oil equivalent per day. " The best we can hope for is the same or slightly worse IMHO. Can't see how it could better. Pg10 was the one that proved fracking could deliver the goods we want from our gas field. From RNS dated 30/01/2017 "The maximum stabilised flow rate was 8.8 million standard cubic feet of gas per day ("MMscfd")". Pg11's performance was acceptable but only along with PG10's performance. It was PG10 that PROVED there are vast amounts of money to be made from the field. All IMHO.
19:57 23/03/2017 Pg 11 tested at
10mcf/d We can but hope
16:40 23/03/2017 It's probably a Gazprom bid
to buy us out...... I wish! This rise was too much IMHO just for some buying in for the hoped for first gas early April. That's my gut feeling anyway. Something else. The elusive permit is the only other thing that springs to mind. That would be excellent news indeed. We should get an RNS tomorrow morning with some news, although Friday news is usually bad news......... Hope not. keeps things interesting anyway! All IMHO.
16:13 23/03/2017 Re: The permit has been issued
I hope so....
16:12 23/03/2017 Something is fishy
It seems like we have a leaky ship :) Bring on the RNS tomorrow!
16:06 23/03/2017 LOL! A trade of TWO shares just
went through as an ordinary trade. Not even 5p's worth!!!!!!! How very odd! :D
16:01 23/03/2017 Up 14%. Maybe the Slovenian
investors are getting in before the news. Who knows............. Anyone's guess frankly. Of course we have the promise (or should i say hope!) of first gas sales early April if our CEO is correct in the RNS a while back. Ascents gas field has always been a massive potential but the difficulty doing business there is truly astounding. All IMHO.
15:43 23/03/2017 The permit has been issued
I hope! LOL! Gotcha! =D>
15:40 23/03/2017 Re: Jumped up 10%. lots of news to